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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Your First Time: RL1 - Castle Winterholm

-Red Lea Saga-

Winterholm is an adventure for four first time players and a first time dungeon master. A selection of first level PCs (Player Characters) are included.

Pre-Rolled Characters
Though the characters are Potential PCs any surplus character might be employed by the Dungeon Master as an NPC (non-player character).

 Sarin: Neutral Elf (1st level); 6hp; AC6; S10, I16, W11, D18, C12, Ch9; Fine Clothes, Shoes, belt, belt pouch(50cnc), tinderbox, silver dagger(1d4), rapier(1d6+1), backpack(300cnc), spellbook, 2gp; spellbook: read magic, read magic.

Kurst: Neutral Thief (1st level); 4hp; AC4; S13, I10, W9, D18, C12, Ch9; leather armor, boots, belt, belt pouch(50cnc), heavy cloak, thieves tools, (6) daggers(1d4), silver dagger (1d4), tinderbox, (3) candles, plain clothes, backpack(300cnc), 20sp.

 Nede: Neutral Magic-user (1st level); 4hp, AC7; S8, I18, W11, D16, C9, Ch8; plain clothes, shoes, belt, dagger(1d4), belt pouch(50cnc), tinderbox, Torch(1d4), spellbook, wineskin(full), backpack(300cnc); spellbook: read magic, sleep.

Vos: Neutral Cleric (1st level); 6hp; AC8; S11, I11, W17, D13, C9, Ch16; Fine clothes, shoes, belt, belt pouch(50cnc), holy symbol, (3)torches(1d4), tinderbox, backpack(300cnc).

For the DM: have each player select a character card.

DM Background
The castle of Winterholm has stood there since before the player characters were born. No one in the village can say when it was built or by whom.

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