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Monday, 30 November 2015

Board games: commodities as currency for the sci-fi game


Monopoly has currency. We need a currency but dollars have no real value other than belief so Our space game has a commodity based currency. But Why resources and industrials? When resources are dropped off at a factory they are turned into industrial units.
Factories are either the core system (the home-world), a space station (a shipyard built it and you bought it with industrials), or a colony (which you established with at least one population commodity (the yellow currency).

So what is our exchange rate? Nine resources equals three industrials equals one population. So to colonise a world you need to deposit nine resources or three industrials to buy colonists. You still need to transport them out to the colony world but that takes ships.

You will want about a hundred of each currency type to play the game.

Shipyard cards next post...

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Board games: the ongoing quest to up your monopoly game...

Turning monopoly into a sci-fi card game...which was discussed previously. Here are the basic tiles. You will want:

  • core system (1 or 1 per player)
  • major systems (2 or 2 per player)
  • Greater systems (4 or 4 per player)
  • Lesser systems (8 or 8 per player)
  • Minor systems (16 or 16 per player)
  • Backwaters (32 or 32 per player).

Go them with colour textas or do your own with actual planet images. After all, Dantoine is too remote to pose a real threat...while Tatooine, if you are from the bright centre of the universe, is the planet that it's furthest from.







Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Art Stuff: that next adventure...

Somewhere in the a black swamp from which the sacred river flows down to a sunless sea. An expedition. You get the hint.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Get to the vault...


Something my little brother created before he died before last Christmas. He was a big fan of battlemechs. Don't know what to do now...

Free stuff: a water farm

A water tank lifted by truck inner tubes filled with hydrogen and a solar panel powering an electric pump to capture air with moisture and pump it into the storage tank. Anchored on a few kilometres of fishing line.

Just another idea someone might find useful...

Year of chaos: kaldmont



Year of chaos: eirmont



Dungeon Mastery: Castle Zenopus areas 92-105


That's it for castle zenopus. You should have a 28 page booklet plus five map pages. An adventure module...So enjoy B1 CASTLE ZENOPUS.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the TSR, THREE SIMPLE RULES are... They are Friends, Family, and Fun.

Year of chaos: sviftmont



Minions on DVD: I feel...conflicted...yeah...that's it. Conflicted.

I loved Despicable Me. I loved Despicable Me 2. I Didnt see Minions at the movie theatre but picked up the DVD. Saw it with family. Hmm... I love the minions. And I wanted to love the movie. It wasn't what it needed to be. It needed to be  a series of movies. It needed to be every Sean Connery as James Bond told from the minions they served S.P.E.C.T.R.E. even if they got Sean Connery to voice the part of the annoying good guy.
It could have been frikin awesome...but it wasn't.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Independence day 2: The propaganda version of history

So President Whitmore would have had to contend with global proliferation of everything alien. The spread of small arms, technology, TELEPATH DNA.  on the global black market, terrorists, other nations.
After his third unelected term in office he was likely forced to hold elections.

Updated: so we should be thinking differently.
#independenceday2starempire would be more accurate.

  • Mass Innoculation using alien DNA.
  • A blackmarket trade in alien DNA.
  • Alien hand-weapons on the black market (will Smith would be all over that).
  • Alien metals and alloys.
  • Terrorists and crime gangs with alien TECH.
  • Total collapse of democracy and sovereign nations.
  • An end to presidential elections in the usa, Russia, and so forth.
  • Balance of power has shifted.
  • The do as you are told version of government is absolute.
  • Labour camps and slavery.

Brain the size of a planet: umm...gravity?

Just a thought.

Dungeon Mastery: Castle Zenopus areas 60-65

Hope you like it so far. This guy is Hersch, a bounty hunter. And he is here to collect one of the PCs.