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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Rewrite History: If WW2 Japan had Nukes there would be evidence...

The Japanese apparently had a nuclear weapons research program in WW2 in part thanks to Nazi Germany but they would have tested any weapon... and a Weapons test would have been noticed. So when does a nuclear detonation go unnoticed? When we are sure its an Earthquake.
Mikawa Bay was the site of a terrible quake January 13, 1945 and was apparently eleven miles deep. A thousand dead and a thousand missing.

That can't possibly be a nuclear test.

But a subterranean nuclear test could have triggered the larger quake simply because it was on a major fault line. A sufficiently large enough subterranean test would have sent out a shockwave.
Of course there would need to be evidence. Like say a circular subsidence event on the bay floor. Well oddly enough...there is. And its big. Very very very big. Kilometres in diameter big. Given the subterranean test of a twenty five kiloton device produced a crater as big as a carpark, Megatons big. A coal mine below the bay would have dropped the overlying strata and absorbed betaparticles.
Perhaps most telling: this was the only quake during WW2 in which the Japanese Government censored reports of it.


And there is Mikawa bay with a circular structure near three islands. Sure its a poor quality image but it gives us sufficient evidence to investigate further.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Epic Discovery: A wine dark sea?

Homer oft refers in his Epics of the Odessy and Iliad of a Wine dark Sea and the Agean is more a copper sulfate. Now... the sky lit by dawn's early light is another thing entirely.

"We sail upon a wine-dark sea..."

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Linguistic Archaeology: The Exodus Treasures

Tanach is a religious document important in Jewish origin. In protoindoeuropean it is Ta (to melt) - Ne (not). This is an indoiranian inverse form of 'not - to melt'.

A phonetic cluster

  • Ta (to melt)
  • Tag (to touch, handle; set in order)
  • Tak (to be silent; to take)
  • Tap (plug, wad, projecting part)
  • Tauro (bull)
  • Taw (to make, manufacture)
  • Sta (to stand)
  • Stag (to seep, drip: associated with a swamp)
  • Stam (stammer)
  • Staup (cooking vessel)
So what we have here is a phonetic tied to the exodus period. The narrative is of a stammering priest. The taking and concealing of a bull in a swamp so it isnt destroyed. Not everyone is on board with the Cult of Moses. So exodus treasure (golden calf) is hidden in a swamp near the site the golden treasures were being destroyed as ordered by Moses.

Is there a swamp in Sinai? Even a bog or spring might do. It will be within a few miles of the camp of the israelites.

Huzzah! Treasure.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Secret Santa: my gift to you

If you are hard up for money put your name and email in the comments of one of the short fiction I have posted and publish it for income at ten cents a download until you get a million downloads. each.

Best wishes to Princess Leia...and you folks.

Sean Robert Meaney
Darwin, Northern Territory

Christmas Eve 2016

Holonet Broadcast: they are reporting Carrie Fisher had a heart attack


Doesnt look good. Sorry gang.

Updated: Critical condition and on ventilator.

Updated: Carrie Fisher died.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

FASERIP: herostuff Setting

F (3)
A (8)      Health (17)
S (3)       Karma (27)
E (3)       Resources (Poor)
R (16)
I  (8)
P (3)

Powers: fly (60 mph)
Talents: cooking
Contacts: Parents

Secret Identity: Joey Masklin,
Background: Born in Washington State to Canadian Parents in '89. Joey was on a camping trip in the Canadian Rockies when the sky was illuminated by a strange blue light. When he awoke he found he had the power of flight like he read about in comics. He opted to take up the mantle of hero by doning a cape and black mask.

Herostuff Setting
The world isnt ready for metahumans. The very Idea that someone can fly has people looking for Maskncape's secret. But unbeknownst to Joey Masklin he wasnt the only one in those mountains when a high energy particle  from space unleashed its fury.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Starship maps: The Scorpio-b

A nifty starship that is mostly stardrive. Salvaged from wreckage on Gauda Prime a starship with an AI named Slave.

The Darkmatter Drive
Given the particle and wave can be defined as m^(n-1) +{m^n} the wave (+{m^n}) of the tachyon arrives first as this is already in the superconducting capture chamber. The wave is then used to slow and capture the particle. The particle is then duplicated in the drive coils where the superconducting chamber has created a field in opposition to an applied field (dark energy). The newly created dark matter is formed and expelled providing faster-than-light propulsion.

"The darkstuff make it go."

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Board Games: Millenials Monopoly

 because you want a modern board game and all you need is game pieces and dice. Draw a wage negotiation card to see what you get paid each turn until you are forced into income renegotiation. Dark web is your other income source. just print a lot of currency.

 the construction signs are used by property owners to keep others off their affordable housing into expensive rentals.