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Monday, 31 July 2017

Age of Warp: Game Play with new map

Upgrading the Starmap to a one light year per hex scale... anyway, this part of the map is safe for game play.

Player 1: SS Rockhampton launches from Sol on Stardate 2080 toward Alpha Centauri at Warp 2. Draws a card. The crew of the SS Rockhampton encounter a Lifepod, The passenger is carrying a Virus, but they are forced to establish the Rockhampton Medical Research Facility to find a cure on Stardate 2080.1.

Player 2: SS San Francisco launches from Sol on Stardate 2080 and heads for Bernards Star. On Stardate 2080.1 the Crew of the San Francisco discover a Life pod adrift in space... unfortunately they all die from Choriocytosis.

So Early Colonization efforts begin to establish a history for the Age of Warp.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Stellar Cartography: KIC 8462852...and at least one planet

There you least one stable planet with a 24-ish day orbit of the Star, and a 4.5-ish day transit of the star. The rest are flux though you just dropped a ball and let it bounce until it is almost at rest. They do have consistent orbital activity. sorry for the dodgy paint lines.

Lots of planets.

Updated: Planets
As best as I can describe their orbits and transits.
Planet                  Orbit Time      Transit Time
Red                        12 days              2.5 days
Gold                       23 days              2.5 days
Green-brown       22.5 days              4 days
Pink                       24.5 days           1.25 days
Blue                       51 days              5 days

Planet gold slowly closes on planet green-brown.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Armed Heroes: creating a Wuxia RPG


Wuxia means Martial Hero or Armed Hero.

Part A: Your Character

Primary Attributes
As strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution, charisma are d&d stats, wuxia individual character attributes are defined by the code of xia:

  • Ren (benevolence/kindness)
  • Zhong (loyalty)
  • Yong (courage/bravery)
  • Yi (righteousness)
We can divide 6 initial points amongst these four attributes for starting characters and they will earn points through adventuring.

Life Debts
There is also life debt traits in what you owe to others:
  • En (grace/favour- the importance of repaying to others/benefactors after having recieved gifts).
  • Chou (vengance/revenge - the importance of bringing villains or evil to justice)

Imagine your character Kai Smith is in the village passing through with family in when bandits roll through and gun down his loved ones, before riding on. No one in the village will give kai a weapon or horse because they dont want to get involved except the store keepers daughter Meimei gives you her fathers handgun. your character owes serious chou to the villains riding off into the desert and En to meimei as the patron who gives you her fathers weapon.

These are basically starting story points.

Combat Skills
These are weapons and martial arts.

  • Dao (broadsword)
  • Jian (sword)
  • Gun (Staff)
  • Quian (spear)
  • Firearms
  • Every day objects (fan, stool, smoking pipe, hair needles, music instrument, and soforth)
Martial arts: these require initial training though your hero might find a scroll (miji- a secret manual) on accupuncture, the development of inner forces, or proper breathing and balance techniques to get your gun-using peasant hero a point in martial arts or was trained for years, or perhaps is holding a storehouse of energy transfered from the master training them.
  • Quinggong (a chinese martial art, but story wise it covers circumventing gravity and flying, leaping across roof tops, tree tops, run across water, scale walls)
  • Neili/Neigong (is your ability to store qi or inner energy that is unleashed as acts of super human strength, dexterity, stamina, healing as well as energy blasts)
  • Dianxue (touching specific acupuncture points on the opponents body to kill, paralyze, immobilize, heal)
Current qi

0       dead
1       unconscious
2+     functional

These will be earned through adventuring. The three martial arts should be inate abilities of all but developed from zero rank through years of training and adventuring.

1d6 to determine your characters Daily limit of qi.

Using Qi in combat
Every day                              1
Skilled weapon                   1/use
Qi energy blast                    2-1 cancellation with target
Martial arts feats                 a preselected number/use

Obviously it needs further development.

Part B: The Story

Jianghu are the outcast class. Masters of martial arts, heroes, bandits. The code of the Jianghu (rivers and lakes) is about living apart or outside politics. its also involves sheltering others from the law. The hermit's life is a concept of Wuxia or martial heroes. these are merchants, craftsmen beggars, vagabonds, bandits, martial artists (shaolin or wudang).

  • No using of dirty tricks such as eye gouging during fights unless one has a personal feud with the opponent.
  • Personal feuds do not extend to family members.
  • Always show respect for seniors and elders according to their status or age.
  • Complete obedience to one's shifu (martial arts teacher).
  • No learning of martial arts from another person without prior permission from one's shifu.
  • No using of martial arts against those who are not trained in martial arts.
  • No violating of women.
  • No sexual relationships with the wives of friends.
  • One's word is one's bond.

The themes, plots, settings might involve:

  • the origin of the hero with a tragic loss of initial characters and involving the learning of great martial skills while righting wrongs amongst the outcast peoples culminating in the Confrontation with the BBEG.
  • A mystery/murder investigation.
  • Magic powers, martial arts, supernatural.
  • Denied martial arts teaching, hero learns in secret.
  • The rise from childhood to adulthood.

Our story

Kai Smith, Our hero seeking vengance, having picked up a few years of Neili thanks to breathing technique training from an old man encountered hunting his enemy has developed the ability to apply qi to his dexterity and fire arm accuracy. So he works out that Thog, the local warlord who was the bandit who gunned down his family, is now sitting at the head of the table of the town mayor eating meat while his men ravage the mayors daughter, can hear the distant screams and understands bad things are happening so climbs to the second floor of the tavern having been left for dead in a direct and futile confrontation, now at the edge of town with his rifle and shoots a sword off the wall in the mayors dining room providing the young woman a weapon and a moment to get to it. with his remaining shots he curves the next few bullets around the corner of the window off the blade the girl is holding and into Thog's men leaving Thog alone choking on his dinner in surprise with a girl and her sword.

Kai Smith has greatly expended most of his Qi that was keeping him alive and succumbs to death, unconciousness, or inability to burn further qi without death or unconsciousness. Qi will serve as our life points but it can be drawn on to perform these superheroic feats.

Our new girl heroine Nin Wa performs some serious Neili directing most of her angry young lady rage into a Qi enhanced shockwave and tries to blow a hole through Thog. Thog is a pretty powerful villain so while he is upset at the surprising death of his men, the fact Nin Wa caused his meal to spray all over him realy pisses him off. Nin Wa Escapes outside onto the roof top and Thog follows cautiously. For Kai Smith, down to his last bullet, its a skilled shot to hit the now fully exposed Thog in the head. Kai risks unconciousness to make the skilled shot leaving Nin Wa to behead Thogs corpse with her sword.

Our go to source for development here will be wikipedia:

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Doctor Who: The Doctor isnt a Man or Woman

The Doctor is an Alien. And given the nature of  this Alien species propensity to Regenerate, and the use of a Chameleon circuit in the average TARDIS, the species is chameleonic.

So the rather pathetic cry over the Doctor being portrayed as a woman is as valid as crying over the doctor being portrayed by an orangutan who can communicate with sign language. Its all irrelevant.

The fact is we know that the Timelords are time travelling chameleonic predators (dogs who can look like anyone).

"You know how you went on holiday and left your dog to fend for itself...there you go." - innevitable Men in Black/Doctor Who cross-over.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Age of Warp: Part of the LCARS deck to get you started

I still need to create Another Twenty Four cards in the LCARS deck, but they will be After Action Reports that get you to draw another card...mostly.

Now you can play. You just need LEGO.