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Friday, 17 November 2017

Dungeon Mastery: Rats Castle Adventure Module 16-30

You can get the PDF versions on Vaults of Pandius.


Dungeon Mastery: Rats Castle Adventure module 1-15

Feel free to trim the screen shots. the second half next time.

Stellar Cartography: Alpha Centauri A&B

 NASA needs better camera budgets because this was a horrible image..
 Anyway I did stuff to it with Android Gallery App, and overlayed four varying contrast images at 75% transparency to get this. It stripped the bright halo.
 As you can see the Alpha Centauri A&B are there...much of the brightness seems to be particles impacting on the Oort.
All that was left was this. The bright looks like two objects in the Alpha Centauri B system, or given the size of the big dark sphere to the right, Something in the Oort Cloud orbiting a dark planet.

So maybe Planet X is still between us and the Alpha Centauri System.

Anyway... enjoy.

Old School: Weapon Mastery

If you had the D&D Masters Boxed Set and/or D&D Rules Cyclopedia and wondered about the Rules on Weapon Mastery, you might be surprised that their early form appears in the August 1976 issue of the Dragon as an initial idea that allows your character to progress from a basic proficiency to expert in an assortment of Weapons (including some exotics that dont make the Rules Cyclopedia).
Its fully developed form appearing nine years later in 1985 in the D&D Black Box one year short of the expiry of 'abandoned' intelectual property rights held by the Author of the Article.

Weapons You might Enjoy
Some weapons such as the 'Dwarf Hammer' and the Morning Star don't progress in power, as the wielder increases in weapon proficiency which is a pity.

The Two handed Sword requires a minimum Strength of 16 and Dexterity of 9 just to use, while the Two handed Battle Axe can be used single handed with the same stats (Str 16, Dex 9). Thats right...Your Conan can wield a battleaxe in each hand once he achieves two weapon proficiency, inflicting 1d12 damage with expert skill (skipping right over 1d10 from 1d8).

Friday, 10 November 2017

Mists of History: Zeus is on the Phaistos Disc

I just spotted the name Zeus on the phaistos Disc. The snake (or horn) paired with an eagle is infact 'horse'. 'Horse-eagle' as Ek-(eu-gal). Alexeus: Al-ek-eus or Ale Zeus becomes Ek-eu-sal/Ek-eu-gal which is volcae meaning 'Horse-Eagle' or 'horse-eagle cry-powerful'. 

Some background: eu-a-eu-gal is volcae for (and the origin of) the word 'eagle'. This 'horse-eagle' pairing exists on one side of the phaistos disc. This is Zeus in the form: 'Ale-Zeus' or 'eZeusal' in Volcae (It might also be the name Ezekiel). 

One discovery parts the mists obscuring another.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dark Sciences: What if all Quarks are the same Quark?

The proton/neutron model is an up/down quark-pair and one down/up quark. If the particle rotates on its centre it creates a long field projection and a short field projection. Both are interacting with the electron layer as the nucleus. 

If that quark nucleus triangle rotates approaching light speed the short and long field projections compress in 'wavelength?' Until the long field projection becomes a short field projection, and the short field projection becomes a two dimensional field projection. 

The nucleus alters in its effect on the electron shell but also the quark-pair are now behaving like a single quark-opposite. And the original single quark-opposite is now behaving like a new quark-exotic. 

However what if the quark pair merged at light speed 'becoming' a kind of single quark-opposite, and the  single quark-opposite became a new kind of quark that creates a two dimensional projection?

We have diverse quark types. What if the reason we have diverse quark types is some are travelling at light speed, or multiple harmonics of light speed already so they are in fact all the same quark-opposite and simply look different?

This is of course only one quark-series derived from the rotation of say up-quark-single/down-quark-pair. There is the other nuclear particle derived from down-quark-single/up-quark-pair and the exotic transforms of that group dynamic achieving ftl rotation and any harmonic relatives.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Dungeon Mastery: The Implications of Indigenous Languages

The Indigenous Australians continue to provide a jumble of Ideas.

Uluru (Ayers Rock) despite its protoindoeuropean offerings in Ul-ruk (to howl-rough) implying a dust storm also does something interesting if you adjust for the volcae celtic inversion that such ancient celtic words undergo when they reach Asia. We can consider Ul-uru to be related to Uru-ul. Why is is this significant? Because Uruul means 'warm lips' in Khalkha Mongolian (See The Linguistics of Temperature). For Mongolian, a temperature word is considered 'rare'. The prospect that Uluru is 'named' for the Mongolian word implies Mongolians made it to central Australia at a time when the word is in an inverted form. The alternative is that Indigenous Civilization was in an Expansion cycle and Australians from Central Australia invaded Mongolia.
Kha-khal is a village in India and in the Pashto language it means 'To pull out'.

Mongolians were quite wide spread at their height. Dominating China, they might have invaded by ship, deploying the horde to Australia. "Conquer All!" declared the Khan, so we took to the sea and found a great southern land known only in Imperial Chinese Records.

The alternatives are possible:

"We saw smoke from across the water to the north, and smoke comes from the burning of plants so we took canoes and many warriors went across the sea to get wives...some never to return." Indigenous Australian Warriors were known for great feats. Rowing across Sea following the Islands of Indonesia north to kidnap wives might be considered an option. Seems a long way to go to look for a pretty girl who isnt your Sister.

"We take our red ochre people south from Mongolia and China. The winter has turned into an Ice Age so we go south as far as we can to get warm." And they migrate down a land bridge passing many mountainous regions discovering a familiar environmental type covering the centre of a southern land teeming with giant monsters.

Uluru is territory of the pitjanjatjara clan. Pit (spit nitu is ukrainian meaning 'to sweat') jan (yan is mongolian meaning 'thats it')- jat (the Jat people migrated to mongolia from south east asia though they seem to have originated in the Ukraine though gatt is swedish for 'gut' or 'narrow inlet') - jara (Mongolian meaning 'to split open'). Pitjanjatjara is likely refering to giving birth in the Jat language: 'To Sweat-thats it-gut/vagina- to split open'.

The Alawa clan have undergone a similar asiatic inversion in their clan name. Awa-al means 'imagination' in Somali. Awal is indonesian for Early, or beginning. Its possible the Somali origin is relevant.
The Nalakan clan is an inversion of Akannal (an ancient port located on the African Coast on the Red Sea described in The Periplus of the Erythrean Sea). The O'Connell Clan apparently related to everyone with wide travel east and west. Two clans from north east Africa at around the same time. If Al-* is an indicator of the time (two thousand years ago) and location (north east africa) then there are others similarly related.
The Gaj-Alivia clan despite being a merger gives us Gaj which is associated with numerous 'eastern european' locations from Poland and Slovenia down to Bosnia and Serbia; and secondly 'Alivia' which I associate with Olive, but inverts to *-Iviaal which is a proto-norse word from the Late Roman Iron Age. Again a similar time period with people pushed from their lands by Roman Expansion. A proto-Norse/Volcae clan group.

The Alyawara clan would be Yawara-al. The Yawara is a Japanese Weapon used in fighting. The short stick is used to fight hand to hand (an old word for jujitsu).

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Dungeons Downunder: The Australian Experience

The Australian Experience has its own loves...

"You are standing among the ruins of an old castle, looking at a flight of steps leading down into the darkness. You wear place mail and have your sword ready. With you are a dwarf, a hobbit with a cross-bow and a green-robed wizard.
You offer prayers to the Lawful Gods, the wizard lights a torch and you lead down the steps. You are in a stone-hewn corridor about five feet wide and eight feet high. You go down about fifty feet and to each side you see a heavy wood door bound with iron bands. The hobbit can't pick the lock, so after a brief consultation you and the dwarf run at the door. It opens, inside are fine rough man-like creatures, but shorter with thick hairy skin: goblins. You have the advantage of surprise, and you start laying into the nearest ones with your sword, and the dwarf with his axe. The hobbit fires off a couple of bolts at the furthest goblin, then starts in with his sword when it comes over to complain. You kill your goblin, the hobbit is doing well but the other three have the dwarf surrounded and he's looking bad. So the wizard raises his hand and writes in the air while reciting: 
A green glow jumps from his hand to the nearest goblin, which shrieks as if burning, and dies. You kill the rest: five dead goblins, The wizard adds to the map he's been drawing. You search their bodies. Nothing. The room is full of junk, bones, rag. You start rummaging and find a sack: a hundred gold pieces, a fortune for a farm labourer. You split it up and put it in your back packs and are on the point of leaving when the wizard finds a small knob on the wall. Standing to one side he flicks it up; two poisoned darts spring out just missing his hand, and a panel falls open. Inside is an old moldering scroll of parchment and a sword. You take it, it has strange lines along the side and has a magical feel to it. 
The magician casts a spell to read the forgotten language on the scroll then suddenly feels com pelled to follow its directions to the lost armour of a long dead king. The scroll was cursed, but if you survive the armour might be useful. And so back to the nearby village to wait for the dwarf to recover before satisfying the scroll guest. And so on."
-Game Review: Dungeons & Dragons by Martin Ellison, Woroni, Canberra, March 15, 1977 

'GM: 'Walking through the Woods of Quendor, you are in search of the largest tree in the forest, as you have heard that its roots once led to caverns of riches tunnelled by Ground Goblins. You approach a very large, and very dead tree. Its trunk appears to be hollow. Judging by the stories you have heard, you believe you have reached your destination.'

MAGIC-USER: "We climb the tree and look down the trunk with a lantern.' 
GM: 'You climb 15ft and can see that the hollow tree leads down below ground level to about 20ft below the surface.' 
MAGIC-USER: 'We all climb down to the bottom.' 
GM: 'You find yourselves in a circular room 15ft in diameter .with a 5ft wide passage leading off to the north '

MAGIC-USER: 'We look down the passage.' 
GM: 'It extends for 50ft and then turns to the right. You can see a crossroads of some sort 30ft away.' 
MAGIC-USER: 'We proceed to the crossroads and look left and right.' And so it goes on... Later the party burst a door open and are horrified to find a Gorgon inside.! They beat a hasty retreat! 
The GM throws the dice and an encounter takes place - unluckily for them - in which the dwarf who charged the door is turned to stone and must be abandoned. However, the rest escape unhurt. Trying the east door, they surprise a party of 10 Goblins. The Magic-User sends them all to sleep and is awarded 250 Experience Points. 
The Fighter slits their throats...
They search and find a chest containing 1500 Gold Pieces, 1000 Silver Pieces, a Potion and a Scroll. They are rich beyond their wildest dreams! But they are also lost in the dungeons of the Ground Goblins.'

- Dungeon & Dragons for Me! Tharunka, Kensington, NSW  May 23, 1978

There is the relevant bits of a bunch of Adds selling dungeons & Dragons to the Aussie Gamer. Tharunka and Woroni are University Campus Magazines. If you are searching for a deeper relevance to how they think the game is played you can investigate the full adds/reviews here:

Dungeon Mastery: Building your Campaign Setting

This is where you learn how to build your own campaign setting quick and easy.

Step One: Mapping the World
You probably know what a d20 now you need a d20 global map layout. This is a polyhedron or d20 laid out flat as twenty triangles. The equatorial region is ten triangles (five pointed up and five pointed down) with five polar triangles pointing to the north pole attatched to the top of the equatorial band, and the same again attatched to the southern equatorial band. This is your blank 'Globe'.
Create a list of dominant geography and the chances it exists in your world and roll for each triangle:

 1d20                  Geography
01-10                 Ocean/Sea                                   
11                       Desert/Desolation/Badlands
12                       Mountains/Hills                        
13-15                 Swamp/Fens/Bog
16                       Plains/Grassland/Savanna     
17-20                 Forest/Jungle                             

Then draw in your ocean/land boundary map on your globe. Some land might connect across multiple triangles if they make contact at a common side (Europe and Asia) or are seperated by a narrow sea (Europe and Africa), or may link as a landbridge (Central America), or might be an isolated continent (Australia), or an archipelago of islands (south east asia).
These regions will be dominated by geography (red soil outback of australia) though at the smaller scale there will be valleys, forests, hills, swamps, lowlands, mountain ranges.
On an earth-sized world each of these triangles is four thousand miles per side of triangle.

Step Two: Map your Campaign Region
These giant triangles can be broken up into smaller triangles (2000 miles, 1000 miles, 500 miles, 250 miles, 125 miles).
At the local area map level you can scale your triangle per page of paper to a diamond made of two triangles 125 miles per side. So now you can build a map for your campaign. Its unlikely your PCs will live long enough to make it elsewhere...especially considering you are obliged to roll for encounters on a daily basis while they walk eight miles a day down a dirt road.
Here you have the greatwood, the mountains of doom, the kron hills, the free coast, and soforth.

Step Three: Map your Minerals
Minerals are significant to human History. Stone Tools gave us neolithic cultures, gold and copper gave us the first settlements to bronze age (with copper and tin), iron and coal gave us iron age and steel making. So by working out where (or were) your minerals and their concentrations are you can create a kind of history and a foundation on which your modern history is based.
So create a list of minerals and their chance of occuring for each region:

d20                       Mineral
01-02                    Tin
03                          Gold
04                          Copper
05                          Coal
06-07                    Iron
08-13                    Silver
14-19                    Salt
20                         No more minerals

Basically you roll for minerals for the kron hills, mountains of doom, great wood, until you get a natural 20. Multiples of the same mineral indicate wealth or longevity of mineral type.
Minerals in our region:
Kron Hills: Coal (1), tin (1), Silver (4), salt (2);
Mountains of Doom: Silver (3);
Greatwood: Salt(5), silver (4), gold (2), iron (1);
Free Coast: Tin (1), Iron (1), coal (1), salt (10-they just kept coming), silver (3), gold (4).

Step Four: Begin building a Setting
Mountains of Doom: the mountains have good silver and the folk of the kron hills prefer its rich silver to the toxic silver of their own mines putting them in conflict with neolithic barbarians who live there. Some are Werebears.
kron hills: these folks have access to coal to smelt silver though the coal is in small reserves. They make silver arrow-heads and daggers, and organotin compounds can be as poisonous as cyanide. So the mines are unhealthy.
Greatwood: gold and silver mean these people make electrum death masks for their mummies. The white metal difficult to make using wood alone it is reserves for special use. They produce artefacts of silver, gold and electrum.
free coast: these people are involved in fishing, farming, salting foods as preservative, silver and gold are rich deposits though in the hands of a few lords, armed with iron then steel (iron and coal). Having no bronze age we might assume they migrated into this region putting them at odds with the indigenous Neolithic/post-Neolithic population.
As you can see we have some concepts for groups within the region:

People              Mountains of Doom             Kron Hills
History              Neolithic                                  Transitioning from Neolithic
Wealth               Survival                                    Silver
Technology       Stone Tools                               Silver Weapons and coal smelting
Culture              Survival of the Tribe               Hunt lycanthropes

People                Greatwood
History                Stalled Transitioning from Neolithic
Wealth                 Electrum, gold, silver
Technology         Crude Silver Weapons, Gold crowns,
                              Electrum Death masks.
Culture                 White electrum Death masks
                              They are 'wights' haunting the forest (Isolationist)
                              They hunt lycanthropes.

People                 Free Coast
History                Migrated to the Region. Iron age people.
Wealth                Electrum, gold, silver, iron (rare).
Technology         Silver weapons are cheaper than iron weapons.
                              Iron smelting.
Culture                Fishing with a salt economy.
                              Wealth in the hands of chiefs/petty lords.

To be continued...

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Rythlondar Campaign: Castle Morbundus

Room 77: Above the door is marked with the word 'Slocum's'. This great diamond shaped chamber is walled by twenty statues, each a different creature. Once per turn the die of power on the central pedestal creates a living version of one of these creatures and teleports it into a random encounter area (Levels 1-4) in the Castle Morbundus.

1d20           Encounter
   01             White Toad*
   02             Vampire
   03             Ghoul
   04             Gargoyle
   06             Hell Hound
   07             Umber Hulk
   08             Basilisk
   09             Giant Snake
   10             Giant Rat
   11             Giant Ant
   12             Werebear
   13             Doppleganger
   14             Troll
   15             Zombie
   16             Gelatinous Cube
   17            Skeleton
   18            Ochre Jelly
   19            Salamander
   20             Balrog**

*The die of power has created this one and deposited it in the upper Castle. If this is defeated the die of power Activates generating a random creature per turn, teleporting them into the castle. Ignore duplicate rolls of this creature.
**The die of power has created this one and deposited it in room 70. If this is defeated this result shuts down the die of power. If the Balrog in 70 yet lives, ignore the result and continue generating other creatures.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Dungeon Mastery: The Storm-Marshal's Tower

Background: The Storm-Marshal's Tower stands at the centre of the village towering seventy feet high (not including the iron ball atop its roof). It has been there for as long as the populace remember.

For the Dungeon Master: Despite the villagers memories that the Tower and its Storm-Marshal have been a fixture in the village, it arrived last night in a lightning storm. The Storm-Marshal's appearance and the tower he calls home are a Psionic Illusion imposed on the populace. He is entirely Alien to this world, and is here to Harvest its unique electrical energy to recharge his tower before he can again continue his journey. 

The Storm-Marshal: AC3; 4HD*; MV 30' (10'); AT Cudgel, Lightning-gun; DA 1d4+1/1d6+1; SA Cleric L4; NA 1 (Unique); ML 12; INT 18; AL Lawful; TT See Description ; 250XP
Description: This old Man with white hair is always seen in work overalls with a tool-belt, a heavy cudgel for a walking stick, and an odd smell of ozone about him. He is a Psionic Alien able to manipulate the way anyone within a mile of the tower comprehends his appearance and the appearance of the tower. Unfortunately his psionic talents affect the brains of Chaotics in an unpleasant way. Chaotics should roll a d20 against their charisma. If they roll below their charisma the Chaotic character sees a strange black tower that looks like it has tentacles reaching into the air, and the Storm-Marshal has no eyes- he is psionic and doesnt need eyes to see. His skin is greasy, and his hair are thick see-through ropes pumping white blood. If he senses more than one person can see him as he is, he withdraws to the tower. If attacked in the tower by someone who can see through his illusion, he resorts to the Lightning-gun (25'/50'/75') on his tool-belt.

The Tower
Area 1: The stone ramp slopes at thirty degrees and seems quite sturdy and is designed for the convenience of the elderly tower occupant. Above the door is a great clock dial that indicates Sunshine, Cloudy, or Electrical Storms before they arrive. The ball of iron atop the tower seems to be connected to ground via an iron rod.

Area 2: The stairs climbs up to the left of the entrance headed for upper levels. There is a locked door that will prevent anyone but the Storm-Marshal from accessing area 3. The door (AC-1) can take 100hp before it fails. The Storm-Warden recharges his weapon simply by laying his tool-belt down on the chest.

Area 3: the chest here contains massive energies absorbed from electrical storms. If the organic battery (AC6) is subjected to 100hp damage it will explode destroying the tower and unleashing an electrical discharge of 20d6 hp electrical damage to much of the village out to 300 feet radius.

Area 4: Second floor hallway at the top of the stairs leads to an unlocked door.

Area 5: The 'Weather Clock' is a fascinating mechinism that looks like a gnomish mecanical apparatus. It is an illusion. This is the Pilot station, and is discerned to be inherently organic by anyone who sees through the psionic illusion.

Area 6: Those in this room looking out the windows will see beyond the edges of the village and surrounding fields. There are no windows of course. If the Storm-Marshal willed it, the PCs could see anywhere the Storm-Marshal has been.
Once the Pilot activates the tower it will ride lightning to its new destination. The tower can take 1,000hp damage at AC-10 at which it will die, but the destruction of the organic battery will destroy it.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Pre-emptive Strike: A children's Guide to Better Presents

How to Negotiate with the Jolly fat man in the red suit

Psychological blackmail: when mommy and/or daddy take you to see Santa and you sit on santa's knee, do so with a smile then pull his beard. If it comes off announce "you're not Santa!" and look at your parent(s) with an angry look. This makes them feel guilty. They buy more presents. This can be risky. If santa's beard is real you need to smile and give him a hug...but dont tell him what you want for Christmas. This means mommy/daddy must resort to the write a letter to Santa method of getting information.

Prophaganda: when writing a letter to Santa never include what you want for Christmas. This is a ruthless parent trap that mommy/daddy resort to in order to discern what you want. By only writing about the gifts you want to give to others in your letter to Santa you undermine the ability of mommmy/daddy to use it as a method of interrogation. I recommend you start with:
Dear Santa, please make mommy and daddy happy this Christmas. This will make your mommy and daddy worry you are fixating on their wellbeing. Next you ask for big presents for your brother(s) and/or sister(s):
please also give (name all brothers/sisters) big presents and a hug.
Now end the letter with: I hope you are well, (your name)
This will undermine the willpower of mommy and daddy.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Old School: The Rythlondar Campaign

The Early Dungeons & Dragons campaigns seems to have involved Cannon fodder gaming to the Nth degree. Adventures were not designed for the party of four, rather the party of twenty. Player Character death tolls were significant, and those sacrificed so the few in charge could grow in power, wealth, and experience.
If you have never heard of this campaign, thats okay, but you likely played rooms from it's dungeons. Having availed myself of the Rythlondar PDF I found it to have been the source for encounters found in TSR Adventure Modules I had played.
Dungeons and ruins are scattered across the landscape. Amongst them a Dungeon known as 'The Weir'. Those of you who recall the Mentzer D&D Expert Manual and its map of the Town of Threshold will notice a weir on the map near Lake Windrush. While this is not the original Weir of Rythlondar, It is named for it.
The Original Weir is apparently a mountainous structure with towers at the surface, and was part of a Fortress known as Tar Norgard.

Adding the Weir to Threshold
While the Weir is visible on the Surface, there are numerous entrances to the dungeons beneath (Some Secret and undiscovered). Its designed to be a Sandbox. Though there are significant lairs within the Dungeon where populations exist of one creature type, You can bypass several levels down a staircase. Hallways link regions and function as corridors of movement for powerful creatures coming and going.

All encounters should be generated randomly unless you are in a lair controlled by a monster type or otherwise intelligent group.

                  Random Monsters by Dungeon Level                                                
  Roll          One                       Two                                   Three                              
 01             2 Ogres                   3 Giant Snakes              Superhero                      
 02             2 Wraiths               2 Manticores                 Scavengers
 03             Berserkers             Goblins                           Gargoyles                       
 04             1 Wereboar           Kobolds                           Hydra
 05             1 Giant Snake       2 Wereboars                   Fire-breathing Hydra  
 06             Hobgoblins           3 Wereboars                   8 Gargoyles
 07             Skeletons              2 Fighters                         Displacer Beast            
 08             Zombies                 15 Skeletons                   7 Wererats
 09             Conjurers               2 Elite Skeletons*          2 Burglars                     
 10             Orcs                        2 Giant Weasles             6 Minotaurs
 11             Centipedes            Myrmidon                       3 Harpies                      
 12             4 Heroes                Berserkers**                   Yldog, Evil Priest
 13            8 Magicians           4 Fighters                         45 Gnolls                       
 14            5 Ghouls                Wererats                           Umber hulks
 15            8 Orcs                      7-headed hydra              Fighters                         
 16           1 Giant Scorpion    2 Myrmidons                  Clerics
 17           Scavengers             10 Ogres                            Magicusers                   
 18                                             10 Bugbears                     4 Trolls
 19                                              3 Wereboars                   Gelatinous Cube          
 20                                              Manticore                        Ocre Jelly                      

* Skeletons wearing magic armour and not automatically turned by a Vicar.
** Summoned by Disguised Cultists who escape.

                  Random Monsters by Dungeon Level                                                         
  Roll          Four                               Five                                                 Six                      
 01             4 Heroes                         6 Trolls                                          Rust Monster   
 02             Spectre                            Giant Statue                                 Lich
 03             Gnoll King                      2 Thieves                                       5 Shadows       
 04             4 Gnoll Lieutenants     Wizard & Minions                       2 Black Dragons
 05             3 Stone Giants               Sentient Door                               3 Giant Bettles    
06              5 Shadows                      Lord Karnak & Archers             Copper Dragon
 07             2 Wyverns                      3 Cockatrice                                 Giant Leech        
 08             Black Pudding               Giant 4-armed Gargoyle            Flesh Golem
 09             Salamander                   Fighters                                         Lich                     
 10             Black Dragon                 Magic Users                                  5 Shadows
 11             Evil Men                         Minotar                                         10 Ogres             
 12             2 Enchanters                 Sword Guardian                           3 Trolls
 13            3 Swashbucklers           Invisible Stalker                           6-8 Giant Crabs
 14             2 Medusae                      Elf                                                   2 Manticores
 15              3 Salamanders             Lamassu                                        3 Ogre Magi       
 16              Scavengers                   Chimera                                         18 Tritons
 17                                                      Fire Giant & 2 Hellhounds                                      
 18                                                      4 Giant Scorpions
 19                                                      Fire-breathing 11-headed hydra                           
 20                                                      4 Displacer Beasts                                                    

     Random Monsters by Dungeon Level      
  Roll          Seven                                                 
 01             7-headed Fire-breathing Hydra   
 02             7-headed hydra
 03             2 Rust Monsters                              
 04             Gorgon
 05             4 Manticores                                    
06              11-headed Fire-breathing Hydra
 07             Harpy                                                 
 08             3 Umber hulks
 09             4 Bugbears                                        
 10             2 hellhounds
 11             12 Trolls                                             
 12             Lich
 13             Vampire                                             
 14             2 Wyverns
 15            3 Owlbears                                         
 16            2 Giant Statues
 17             Conciousness of the Old One*         

*Level 8 is a Prison confining 'The Old One'.
It is accessed beyond the Temple of Gargon on Level 7.

As you can see colossal populations like 45 Gnolls are encounters you would consider a meatgrinder encounter designed to slaughter Player Characters. The very Idea that this dungeon might be below the Weir near Threshold would cause the population to Flee.