Memories of Connor's Adventures

Orlando the Adventurer pulled a Scimitar from beneath his Robes and smiled...

Friday, 28 April 2017

World building: the known world

A simple world map and some random mineralogy and geography provides you with the foundation of your setting.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Board Games: Kill it with fire!

You will need to print a deck of fifty two cards. Fold them over and gule them together.
Dish out equal shares of cards and then attack.
First player lays down a sacrifice card face down as the start point. Second player must attack or block an end with the card face up. Then the first player does the same with card face down and so on until all remaining cards belonging to the second player are allocated to the field face down and all cards of the first player are face up.

Now the second-last card played is flipped to determine whether the second player has blocked an agressor, attacked a victim, or wasted a card by blocking a victim or attacking an agressor.

Tally up the successful attacks. Now reverse positions with second player playing first. Greatest tally wins.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Dungeon Mastery: Twenty Wands using Autocorrect

D'Azur's Wand Emporium
  1. Wand of the most important thing
  2. Wand of my favorite products
  3. Wand of a thousand times
  4. Wand of a new one
  5. Wand of a sudden death
  6. Wand of the best way
  7. Wand of a few minutes walk
  8. Wand of a thousand words
  9. Wand of a few weeks back
  10. Wand of my lifetime warranty
  11. Wand of a small vessel
  12. Wand of being sick
  13. Wand of your favorite thing
  14. Wand of course you can
  15. Wand of being a patron
  16. Wand of a good idea
  17. Wand of the world
  18. Wand of being in bed
  19. Wand of a sudden change
  20. Wand of a man with water

Autocorrect realy churns out nutso Wands...

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Monday, 3 April 2017

Little People: Build your own Dungeon

Decided miniatures needed a cheap Dungeon you could tile together so here is a collection of dungeon tiles. All you need is coasters to print on.

Dungeon Mastery: A Creature Catalogue...

 My creature Catalogue now comes in at 126 creatures...

Here is the Queerly Reticular.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Campaign Ideas: Artefacts of a previous civilization

It is a childs toy that functions as an intelligence test. It has existed in the world for centuries, millenia with a multifunction purpose:

  •  To identify those with high intelligence from an early age.
  • To teach the mathematics of its functioning that are integral to the rise of a Technological civilization.
  • To keep a secret hidden in plain sight.
Its history is lost to the past. It is a simple thing. A collection of weights, each larger than the previous, holes up their middle. And three poles protruding from a timber plate. The task is to move the pile, one disc at a time, from one pole to another without ever having placed a larger weight on a smaller weight. An apparently simple test of increasing complexity depending on the number of weights. And now the Wizards use it to test children and determine those that have the brains to be more than cattle of a civilization sliding into a third dark age.