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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Epic Fail: Blackstone

And that is what happens when you fail to keep track of your plan. Hint: upper level is larger in area than lower level.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Star Trek: Discovery tv series

Its called the Starship Discovery. It looks like someone bolted a saucer to the aft section of a Klingon D9 battle cruiser. Those who have seen concept art fot the Startrek Phase II series that never happened will think it looks sort of like that triangular monstrosity. it as ill fated as the Space Shuttle? Who knows.

Updated: you know what this needs? It needs the Lily Sloane character (Alfre Woodard from Startrek First Contact). It needs Lily in a Post-first contact era. She steals Cochrane's warp ship to explore and meet aliens and stumbles across an alien saucer vessel adrift in space. Salvaging her own vessel for warp core and naecells She becomes captain of a starship she re-names enterprise. She takes on a crew of aliens and they head out into deep space...taking the aliens home.

Minor Immortals: Immortality for the B/X D&D engine

The purpose of this game mod is to create some new Immortals.

Playing B/X D&D your PC can pursue immortality if he/she opts to play a zero level normal human and direct all experience toward immortality as opposed to character advancement. The precarious nature of Immortality is achieving a long term goal.

Your normal human does not advance in saving throws or hitroll.

Your goal is:
Minor Immortal

Eight Discs
Provide the name, holy symbol, alignment, and background story of your 'God'. First eight posted in the comments win.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

End of Days: That Cataclysm

A cataclysm that destroys all you love and cherish...yeah that shit happens and people struggle to rebuild in the aftermath. Dont be afraid to wipe out your setting and use those temples and castles as ruins. Imagine a volcano spewing ash fifty feet deep over the town of threshold leaving only the wizard's tower poking out of the new ground level. And if it can happen in the future, why not the past? Why isnt  that mudbrick village where your PCs call home sitting over a pyramid filled with treasure or a nuclear silo?

Monday, 18 July 2016

Big rocks: The Great Diamonds of Mystara

Over sized Diamonds are a wonderful thing to throw in your dragon hoard...and the more obscene the better. Here are a few.

Converting carats to gold pieces is:

Value(gp) = (gem carates / 227.2) x 10,000gp


Dump Stats: Charisma is not for Amateurs

Charisma is an assortment of less enjoyed candies often ignored because most players and dungeon masters dont truely understand what it is.

  • Ego is basically a measure of 'selfishness'. 'There can be only ONE!'
  • Willpower is the abillity to resist brainwashing, torture, and indoctrination. 'My interrogators inform me you are refusing to identify the other spies!'
  • Negotiation is the capacity to bargain with others and get the better share of the deal. 'How about you let us out so we can kill your chief so you can be the new chief? Win-win.'
  • Flirting is the subtle ability to overcome another's charisma. 'How about you send the guards away and we can discuss whats realy on your mind in private?'
  • Leadership is the ability to command others. 'They burned your village! They murdered your families! I say we make them pay with their lives! Who will ride with me?'
  • Manipulation of others requires charisma. 'Ah my dear...Warriors like your husband struggle to find the value in the simple intimacy of holding hands.'
For clerics charisma is (or should be) the ability convert and sway worshipers, and I suppose...sway gods into coughing up spells.
Charisma is definately something you should also consider for any 'psionic' class.

So Charisma isnt realy a waste stat. Used well it can get a weakling a throne and the heads of his enemies on a pike.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Free stuff: X-rifle...and a missed opportunity

Back in 2007 I suggested this:

The X-Rifle 
Your XBOX is a neat "marine heavy plasma rifle" that functions off a batterypack. The Display is to a pair of Goggles that allow you to play a DOOM style Game by walking about in the battle field. The Game itself is Downloaded direct to your X-RIFLE like a cellphone-that way you get cool stuff like So tracking using GPS tech your player is able to move in the 4 dimensional game world as you battle monsters, foes that are not there, interface with other online players in your combat area.

 I emailed Microsoft and got 'blown off'. So now we have Pokemon GO.

I posted the idea here publicly in 2007:

A missed opportunity...and you probably dont want people 'wandering the streets with heavy weapons' anyway...still this is something we could have had in 2010.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Map of the Week: The Town of Threshold

Okay...I'm back. And here is the town of Threshold in poster map scale. I hope you find it useful.