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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Star Trek: Discovery tv series

Its called the Starship Discovery. It looks like someone bolted a saucer to the aft section of a Klingon D9 battle cruiser. Those who have seen concept art fot the Startrek Phase II series that never happened will think it looks sort of like that triangular monstrosity. it as ill fated as the Space Shuttle? Who knows.

Updated: you know what this needs? It needs the Lily Sloane character (Alfre Woodard from Startrek First Contact). It needs Lily in a Post-first contact era. She steals Cochrane's warp ship to explore and meet aliens and stumbles across an alien saucer vessel adrift in space. Salvaging her own vessel for warp core and naecells She becomes captain of a starship she re-names enterprise. She takes on a crew of aliens and they head out into deep space...taking the aliens home.

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