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Monday, 18 July 2016

Dump Stats: Charisma is not for Amateurs

Charisma is an assortment of less enjoyed candies often ignored because most players and dungeon masters dont truely understand what it is.

  • Ego is basically a measure of 'selfishness'. 'There can be only ONE!'
  • Willpower is the abillity to resist brainwashing, torture, and indoctrination. 'My interrogators inform me you are refusing to identify the other spies!'
  • Negotiation is the capacity to bargain with others and get the better share of the deal. 'How about you let us out so we can kill your chief so you can be the new chief? Win-win.'
  • Flirting is the subtle ability to overcome another's charisma. 'How about you send the guards away and we can discuss whats realy on your mind in private?'
  • Leadership is the ability to command others. 'They burned your village! They murdered your families! I say we make them pay with their lives! Who will ride with me?'
  • Manipulation of others requires charisma. 'Ah my dear...Warriors like your husband struggle to find the value in the simple intimacy of holding hands.'
For clerics charisma is (or should be) the ability convert and sway worshipers, and I suppose...sway gods into coughing up spells.
Charisma is definately something you should also consider for any 'psionic' class.

So Charisma isnt realy a waste stat. Used well it can get a weakling a throne and the heads of his enemies on a pike.

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