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Friday, 15 July 2016

Free stuff: X-rifle...and a missed opportunity

Back in 2007 I suggested this:

The X-Rifle 
Your XBOX is a neat "marine heavy plasma rifle" that functions off a batterypack. The Display is to a pair of Goggles that allow you to play a DOOM style Game by walking about in the battle field. The Game itself is Downloaded direct to your X-RIFLE like a cellphone-that way you get cool stuff like So tracking using GPS tech your player is able to move in the 4 dimensional game world as you battle monsters, foes that are not there, interface with other online players in your combat area.

 I emailed Microsoft and got 'blown off'. So now we have Pokemon GO.

I posted the idea here publicly in 2007:

A missed opportunity...and you probably dont want people 'wandering the streets with heavy weapons' anyway...still this is something we could have had in 2010.

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