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Monday, 29 May 2017

Board with Games: Age of Warp

Star Trek: Age of Warp
A basic boardgame set just after Zefram Cocrane's warp flight of 2067.
You can journey forth with your ships to colonize worlds.

At Warp Two the transition time between hexes represents a six month journey.

Calculation of warp factor is one light year cube multiplied by warp numbers.
Warp                   LS/turn
1x1x1 equals 1 lightyear.
2x2x2 equals 8 lightyears.

Warp Two Systems
Several of these systems have existing Alien colonies though the players dont conceivably know.

Epsilon Indi A: Home system to Andorians, Draylaxians, and ruins of an ancient people.
Epsilon Erdani: Axanar homeworld; (beta quadrant)
61 Cygni: Home system to Tellarites
Bernard's Star: uncolonized
Sol: Human homeworld
Andromedae: Vulcan home system
Virginis: flare star
Centauri: Ancient Greek Colony
Wolf 359: uncolonized; (beta quadrant)
WISE 1508: uncolonized
Cancri: Flare Star
Tau Ceti: Traveller Home System
Canis Major: uncolonized; (beta quadrant)
Sagittarii: Flare Star

Pick a star and go there, one hex at a time. One hex represents a six month journey.
Flare Stars: entering a flare star system there is chance of a flare. The player rolls 1d6. 1-3: no flare activity. 4-5: ship survives flare but is reduced to warp one. 6: flare that blows the ship.

Beta Quadrant: these systems are in dispute. player rolls 1d6. 1-3: system is currently empty. 4-5: Unidentified Vessel Scans ship before departing. 6: Unidentified warship opens fire on vessel destroying it. leave wreckage in system.

Alien Colony: They dont allow colonies in their system but the player must roll 1d6. 1-3: peaceful, will repair reduced warp capability. 4-5: demands departure. 6: destroys vessel. Vulcans will always provide assistance.

Starless Void: who knows what is out here in the dark. Roll 1d6. 1-3 total void. 4-5: weird space phenomena that reduces ship to warp one. 6: weird space phenomena makes the crew kill each other (vessel salvage).

Uncolonized: dismantle ship and create a colony building using bricks. roll 1d6 for fate of colony. 1-3: colony seems sustainable. 4-5: colonist/archaeologists discover alien stuff. Add a red brick to colony structure. 6: colony collapse. colonists live in log cabins or mud brick huts.

Starbase: a space station can be built in any system but requires a starship to guard it. roll 1d6. 1-3 unidentified vessel scans starbase and departs system. 4-5: unidentified vessel attacks but retreats. Starbase support vessel damaged. 6: unidentified vessels destroy starbase and support vessel. leave wreckage in system.

Player vs player combat: each player rolls 1d6. 1-3: vessel damaged. 4-5: vessel incapacitated. 6: vessel destroyed by warp core breach. they can continue rolling until one ship is destroyed or incapacitated and can be captured.

Building Warp Ships
Lets dig out some lego and build tiny ships.

Federation Vessels: white bricks. antennae in hooks as Nacelles, and a few blocks as the vessel. Tiny and simple.
Romulan and Klingon Vessels: green bricks, naecelles out to the side.
Other Alien Vessels: yellow bricks.

Enjoy the game...

Updated with playtest

These are the Voyages...

USS Valiant
Ships Log; Captain Chekov;

Stardate 2085.0: The NCC-002 USS Valiant has been dispatched to the Centauri System to undertake a survey of the Centauri System for colonization and establish the Hawking Array observatory in orbit around Proxima Centauri. This is the first vessel to undertake a one year mission.
Stardate 2085.5: Having reached Centauri system we have discovered a colony of ancient greeks on a habitable colony world. They seem to think they were deposited in this system by Aliens several thousand years Ago. Headed for Proxima because screw these guys. Obviously they are in league with the Vulcans.
Stardate 2085.65: Arrived in Proxima system.
Stardate 2085.75: Established the Hawking Array in Orbit around Proxima and we are headed home.
Stardate 2086.25: Returned to Earth. Everything is Awesome. They made me Admiral. :-)

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Black Wax: Varying the Spell Components

In D&D Spells require physical ingredients in the ink when a Magic-user or Elf is creating a new spell. It means those glowing antennae on fire beetles are vital when creating a light spell so you stroll off to the caves and get yourself some spell ink ingredients... But what happens when you vary the ingredients?

Basically anything the Dungeon Master wants...but there should be some logic to it. The wizard harvests some white wax from a giant bee hive and creates a spell that churns out a wax minion to do your bidding.

Wax Doll (4th level Magicuser spell)
 Range: 0' 
Duration: 1 turn per level of caster
Effect: creates a wax manakin.
A wax duplicate of the spell caster appears. It can be instructed to undertake a physical labour task lifting up to twenty pounds, walk at the speed 30' (10'), and has hitpoints equal to the spell caster and AC7. Some wizards apply colour spells to their manakins to make them look human.

But... along comes a different spell caster who heard of the Wax Doll spell and he finds Black Wax in his equatorial Giant Bee hive. Black Wax has a sugar content that is stripped of some of its hydrogen leaving the Sugar and Wax black. what can we make from this alternative.

Wax Shadow (4th level Magicuser spell)
 Range: 0'
 Duration: 1 turn per level of caster
Effect: creates a Black wax manakin.
A black wax duplicate of the spell caster appears. Though it can be instructed to undertake a physical labour task lifting up to twenty pounds, walk at the speed 30' (10'), and has hitpoints equal to the spell caster and AC7. Some wizards apply colour spells to their manakins to make them look human. If it makes physical contact with an opponent it feeds on the hydrogen in their water, desicating them for two hit points damage per round. The Manakin also attracts normal and giant rats, feeding off them with physical contact.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Free Art: The Door in the Wall

The dungeon ends at some steps and a door in the wall. A large lizard hangs above it awaiting its meal.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Player Character: The Cleric is your first PC

The cleric provides you with a fighter who has the ability to turn undead from the first level and picks up spells as the character develops.

Roll up a cleric...
Roll for six abilities, and adjust them for a cleric.

S 12 -2 (10)
I 12 -2 (10)
W 15 +2 (17)
D (6)
C (8)
Ch (16)

So our cleric takes an AC penalty of -1 and -1 on hitpoints due to ill health. there was no real point in boosting wisdom to 17 because it has the same +2 bonus as 16 but it means an actual wisdom check is slightly better in chances.
Starting hitpoints are 1d6-1 (3); starting gold is 3d6x10gp (60gp).
Alignment can be generated by a 1d6: 1-3 lawful, 4-5 neutral, 6 chaotic (4 - neutral). The starting gold isnt much and with holy symbols costing 25gp that leaves 35gp for other equipment. Lets say our cleric wears nothing but pants. Instead he has had a holy symbol tattooed on his body for twenty five gold pieces. Basically he is a fanatic. to turn undead he needs to be shirtless and visible. without the weight of armour he can move twice as fast.

Tundra: Neutral Cleric; 1st level; 3hp; AC 10; S10, I10, W17, D6, C8, Ch16; Equipment: clothes, boots, torch (1d6), holy symbol*, belt, pouch (50cnc), tinderbox, waterskin; Background: Tundra is a convert from the barbarian lands to the north. His indoctrination as a child has resulted in a Fanatic dedicated to preserving the natural world and eliminating the unnatural. His *holy symbol is tattooed on his chest using sharp burning sticks to cauterize the wounds and create the tattoo-scars. He doesnt particularly like elves, dwarves, or halflings or any other magical creature (or magic-users) but prefers them to undead.

And there is our first level cleric... Tundra. The kind of guy who will run at the zombie bare chested and torch burning because 'anything not afraid of fire needs to burn'.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mystaran Campaign: Enchanting The Deck of many things I

These cards are miniature mirrors of life trapping made of diamond polished steel. Each card is an artefact in itself with 100pp and a wish specific to the individual card purpose yet are cursed with penalties and handicaps: The enchantment process requires the sacrifice of 1,000,000xp to each card to activate its trapping power. It also requires the imprisonment of some unique individual or object.

Sun, Moon, and Star are Dwarven Currencies in Rockhome. You are sent to Rockhome to steal the coin dies used to mint these coins and trap them in their card.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Kick it to Warp: The post-Phoenix Period

 You are likely familiar with the federation starfleet logo and its starbases and colonies but as of the Post-Phoenix period they will have non existent colonies and even fewer worlds in reach of Warp 1 Colony Vessels.
Here is every star system in 3.5 parsecs based on right Assention Data. That other Yellow star is Epsilon Erdani which aparently has a Jupiter as far from its yellow star as we have from ours.
The white stars have planets but it doesnt make them habitable. And the Pink Stars dont have planets as far as astronomers can tell. As a scifi setting goes this early Exodus has few potential colonies outside earth.