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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Brexitopia: What will the Cave Paintings Mean?

Its funny how history turns out. A Demon in a modern religion can turn out to have been some guy vilified and Demonized by the generations that come after. Yaldabaoth (Kukuarldarbaroth): 'kukuar-ldarbaroth' translated as: The administration of urldarbaroth. We have a demon regarded as 'the false god' by Gnostics. This has a Greek-egyptian time frame to it and that would put it in the city of Alexandria. Consider this: we are looking at a man. His name/title is 'Elder Baroth'. Baroth is a family name still in use today so this is a real person. He appears to have been Administrator (perhaps of the City of Alexandria given its greek-egyptian peak). He probably stylized himself as a Pharaoh and the Lie of it fell through. He is now remembered, not as the Administrator of the Greatest city in the world, but as a False God.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Nosey Dwarfs: Barlkun Son of whatever...

Barlkun the Bastard: Chaotic 2nd level Dwarf; 7hp;  Str (12), Int (11), Wis (12), Dex (17), Con (10), Cha (8);
Equipment: Black Leather clothing/Armour, Dagger+1, Light Crossbow, (20) bolts, waterproof backpack, belt, boots, belt pouch, tinderbox, torches,

Background: Bastards are rare amongst Dwarves of Rockhome. Barlkun's Father Balin was murdered on his wedding day by members of the Bride's clan prior to taking the marriage vowes. Consequently Barlkun was born out of wedlock. It has been a hard life. Every Dwarf knows of Barlkun the Bastard and they dont let him forget the circumstances of his birth. Though contemptful of Dwarf law (especially that which condemns him for the murder of his father) and gruff to most, he is a good dwarf deep down.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Mystery Theatre: Those pesky German UFOs

In the year nineteen sixteen the LZ60 Zeppelin broke its moorings and was lost for all time. But the world is a small place and things have a habit of showing up somewhere.

Ghost Rocket Sweden Feb. 1946
A strange rocket is seen over Sweden.

Shiny spheres Oklahoma July 1947

Maury Island incident involved donut-like disks that looked like catchers mits and a rain of aluminium debris. Followed by a similar sighting over Oklahoma.

A Disk Oregon 1950
Photographs of disks, spheres, and catchers mits suggest that the hydrogen bladders in the zeppelin were in giant flat tyre tube-like sections in aluminium framework. As the zeppelin broke up they were released from the tail end.

In 1954 in A UFO was seen in the afternoon by about 800 people living in three villages in Manbhum district of Bihar. According some witnesses the UFO was shaped like a saucer about 12 feet in diameter and grey in colour.

Trinidad 1957
The Trinidad photo depicts a visible disk, but it also has an obscured zeppelin shape in clouds at the top of the image that are not all that visible. So our mothership is still dragging that disk in 1957.

In 1957 the crews of four fighter-bombers watched a large luminescent mothership and smaller attendant UFOs during a nighttime flight at 25,000 ft.

A long cigar shaped mothership and smaller flying craft have left something of a trail of UFO sightings over the last century.
A distinctly zeppelin object is spotted over Rhode Island july 1967, for the most part intact. Though the trailing object may have been a bladder, or it may have been suspended by 500 feet of 'cable' from the zeppelin (unnoticed as with the 1950 oregon sighting). Oops- I'm a dumb ass. That might be a mooring anchor on a 500ft 'cable' towing behind.

In 1976 a man is burned by gas from a cigar shaped craft at Falcon Lake in Manitoba Canada.

October 1967 Shag Harbour Canada UFOs trailing a triangular larger object. Perhaps part of the Tail section and donut bladders on a central cable.

In 1969 Finnish Traffic control spot seven disks, possibly bladders on a shared cable. Though they do two hundred kilometres in a few minutes which seems odd though possible for an intense wind.

Occasionaly the disk or cigar touches ground- likely due to microbursts.

In 2004 a pilot from the USS Nimitz spots a giant tic tac drop from 80,000ft to 20,000ft to 50ft in what can only be described as the result of a microburst moving the Zeppelin fragment.

In 2006 a saucer is seen stationary over O'Hare Airport Chicago before ascending. This seems to be the disk on the 500ft cable hanging from the tic tac.

May 2007 seven objects travelling single file over South Africa. Again probably seven bladders on a common cable.

A giant tic tac over Texas Nov. 2018

A rather short object was spotted over Texas in November 2018. You might ask what happened to the rest of it.

Aluminium Debris Cambodia, Oct. 2018 
Aluminium debris rained from the sky over a ten kilometre radius in a province in Cambodia a month earlier in October 2018. It would appear at this point to have shed significant mass.

A hatch. Cambodia, Oct. 2018.

So there are still pieces out there in the sky, and they probably pose significant aviation hazard. Such encounters have one thing in common- they dont include actual aliens or men in black. This potentially reduces the list of UFO sightings by half.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Space Rockets: Space X test vehicle is almost ready

Test Rocket? Hell... he's good to go,

Linguistic Archeology: Where is the Sar?

For some reason the Sar involked an idea of a grassy plain somewhere in North Africa. But the real Sar is a region on the southern edge of the Caspian Sea. It wasnt in any history, or even marked on a map but there are a few villages along the southern edge of the Caspian Sea that carry Sar as a phonetic marker. We can assume that this region was 'The Sar'.

Japanese Names
1. Sadakata (Sardarkuartar): Sar-Dark-Uartar
  • Sar
  • Dark
  • Uartar (water)
Name: Sar Dark-Water

Other Sar names: sadafuji, sadaie, sadako, sadamasa, sadataka, sadato, sadauji, sadachiko, Tatsutsaka, tokisada, akusawa, asahina, asaka, asako, asakura, asaoka, asayama, yosai, yorifusa, yorisada, yoshimasu, chikatsada, fusasaki, fusaie, fusaaki, hidemasa, hisahide, hisemasa, osarkuku, sasakawa, sasase, satomura, sawai,

2. Awataguchi (Arkukuartargkuchku): Arkuk-Uartar-gkuchku
  • Arkuk (city/Kirkuk)
  • Uartar (water): *ata
  • Guchi (family/Gucci)
Name: Arkuk-Water-Gucci

3. Watanabe (kukuartarnarbku): kuk-uartar-narbku

Awata (Arkukuartar): Arkuk-uartar kirkuk-water

Anyway we get two similar ideas:

  • Arkuk-water
  • Sar Dark-water
Its certainly odd to find a word that is 'almost' identical to water.

What is all this?
Its a map. A map by an ancient people. While I would think these indicate places you can go on (or off) the silk road for Well water, it might also refer to where to find oil.

Its also relevant in another part of our search... Saka's Tavern is on part of the ancient chinese wall (Barrier) out this way and Somewhere near it is an ancient tomb. A tomb yet to be found.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Moon Buggy: Dark side of the Moon

China does the thing. And whats on the far side of the Moon?

The pink is Iron (III) though slightly pale, the Pale is Chromium Hydroxide though slightly pink. So plenty of building blocks to separate and make water from.
And Ferrochrome is used to manufacture Stainless Steel. So shiny Stainless Steel Moon Cities? Not unless there is a good supply of Carbon.