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Friday, 20 January 2017

Short fiction: The Job

title: the job

It begins with a dizziness. An odd sensation since I have not fallen ill in over a decade with anything more entertaining than bad back, but I choose to rest because old age is a bitch even at fourty-five. I drink water simply to wet my dry throat. And then...I sleep.
I awakened to a loud noise like traffic and yet there is no traffic. I smell the scent of meats and vegetables cooking, spices and herbs, the smells of takeaways blowing their cooked meals out into the sky. This time I find myself in a city, pressed in on by an impossible crowd.
I think of my bed and I am there. It is ridiculous. The very thought that the crowded street drowning in humanity was real and yet as I think of it the distance between the bed and the dream closes and again I am there. I sit on a bed in an alley way watching a nauseating wave of humanity wash by and with a thought I return home. I sit and contemplate the prospect I am insane. It would seem an odd sort of insanity that would leave me to stare at a fragment of some foreign newspaper stuck to the leg of my bed like toilet paper clinging to the sole of a shoe.
Its time to try this again.
I focus on a location I know and I am standing on a beach not more than a half mile from my home. The sand is wet from the tide now headed out. Half a mile. I return home with a thought.
Its time to test the limits.
I fall through the air. The distant city below me appears as I clear the cloud and see the lights of streets and a few houses. I focus on home and my descent ceases.
I know I can move things with me and I can travel but now I need to go further and move large masses. I know what I want to do.
I find myself on an Ice shelf in a rather brutal winter. This should be Antartica. nearby the abandoned Haley Six Science Station and I grab hold. It burns to grapple the cold metal even through leather work gloves but what I am wearing is not designed for this environment. First I move it to the Desert. The entire facility now sits on the sands on edge of the Simpson Desert.
Its amazing. I had not been able to get a good look at it in the snow storm but I can see its quite impressive. I didnt even exert myself. Lets put It back, but this time lets move it from the inside. I climb a stairs to a door with a window and look inside. I dont even bother trying to open the door. I simply am there beyond the barrier.
I turn to look out. This time I will take it to the south pole. And the desert is replaced by Antarctic snow. I look out at a distant base located at the South Pole. Now they realy have something to discuss.

At home I pour milk into cereal and enjoy breakfast for the last time. This is the last time I will ever come home.
I change my clothes.
I am on the Space station. Zero gravity is not something I have experienced so my stomach objects to not having a down. The Astronaut at the far end of the module seems paralyzed by my presence.
"I can assure you I am real." He nods in fearful agreement. "You might want to hold on. We are going to Mars."
Mars. Not orbiting so kind of screwed, but the view of the red planet from the Window of the International Space Station is kind of cool.
"Sorry." I smile. "I have yet to work out how to put us in Orbit." I am thinking to myself: at least he hasnt pulled a gun in panic.
"Fond of getting places in rocket ships were you?" For a guy trapped on a space station near Mars he is strangely quiet as he looks out the window at the closeness of a little uninhabitable ball of reddish frozen rock. "We can go someplace else if you like."
I focus on a distant star and make it as close to us as our star seemed to be from Earth.
"And this would be some other Star." I wasnt realy thinking about a particular place. "Not realy sure which one."
The Astronaut seems to be in some distress now. He's looking at me as though I ran his dog over.
"Are you are okay?" I move the station back to somewhere between the earth and the Moon. The poor fellow seems unwell. "You are obviously not taking this well so perhaps I should take you home."
I park the space station on the beach a half mile from my house. I figure we can get out here. The sudden sensation of gravity puts it all at an akward angle on the sand.

"Now," If it works out I'll have a good paying job moving space stations so I need to put this delicately. "About the Job."

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Planet of the Apes: An Orangutan learns by doing

An Orangutan is caught on camera working out how to use a Saw. The narrator is certain it hasnt been shown beforehand which makes it smarter than humans.


Popularity Contest: a sudden rush of interest

I suddenly took a hit of over six hundred views on the Starship Liberty isometric map when usual view interest of this blog is low. I guess it hit the bell curve of what is popular in gaming. A unique scifi space ship your pcs can adventure in.
The Liberty Class Transport will be a popular seller at any orbital shipyards...

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mystaran Campaign: A smaller Great Crater

The previous post covered the devastation unleashed by the Asteroid impact that created the Great Crater. This time I'm looking at a much smaller impactor that covers the rather inferior destruction seamingly unleashed by the Asteroid yet described as a larger crater.

The Asteroid

  1. 1000 ft diameter iron meteorite.
  2. 45 degree impact angle.
This is significantly smaller than the previous offering.

The Crater
The crater is four and a half miles in diameter and 1,770 feet deep. This means it still punches through into the caverns beneath it (lower broken lands and shadow elf caverns) and creates multiple layers of terraces overhanging the magma in the shadow elf cavern splashing magma up out of the crater.

The Quake
There is is a 7.0 Quake and stone buildings are destroyed out to thirty six mile and damaged out to 52 miles from epicentre.

Thermal Radiation
The Fireball is 1.92 miles in radius giving out thermal radiation. Every living thing out past 36 miles radius takes third degree burns (3d6 thermal radiation damage). You can put that down as as 100 percent livestock and population kill.
The Radiation drops off beyond this point with people in the town of Eridana (44 miles) and Erewan Keep taking second degree burns (2d6). Lets call this a significant loss 50 percent of livestock and population. 
Radiation drops away further with livestock and people in the Village of Volnay (60 miles from centre) taking first degree burns (1d6). You can call this 25 percent loss of livestock and population.

The Wind Blast
4120 mph at four miles radius, dropping off to over one thousand mph as it reaches Silverston Keep blowing what is left away. The Quake damaged Stone Towers at the adjacent baronies of Soth-kabre, Nathrat are toppled by winds that are now around 537 mph. Timber structures along with the village of Huledain is blown away.
The Tower at Weylon is further damaged by 210 mph winds and wooden structures destroyed.
At Eridana and Erewan Keep have timber structures destroyed and tile roof tops removed.
At Volnay the winds have dropped enough that timber roofing is torn off by 94 mph winds. 
90 percent of trees are toppled across the region out to that patch of heavy forest in Erewan where 30 percent of the trees are toppled.

Crater Debris
Large chunks of rock from 215 feet in diametre near the rim out to 11.7 feet in diametre at 12 miles from  centre. Out to twenty miles the rocks dropping from the sky are around three feet in diametre. From here out to sixty eight miles is a heavy gravel before the size drops away to dust.

What is the crater like? 
Now the magma sits in the lowest level and all remaining moisture in that lowest cavern exits out the new crater. Fungi and even trees will grow here on the terraces overlooking a big caldera of magma. Beyond the rim a broken lands of hill sized boulders out to rocks big enough to be turned into crude walls of stone.

Anyway that should give you an interesting alternative great crater. Not as destructive to the setting.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Mystaran Campaign: The Great Crater

The Wrath of the Immortals sees the formation of the Great Crater. You might finger wavey those events as 'hey its good because the immortals fixed it' but in the real world those events would have been truely destructive.

What do we Know?
The description in AC1010 Poor Wizards Almanac indicates that the crater is over twenty miles in diameter bordering the Principality of Blackhill. It is on the border between Glantri and Darokin and is considered close enough to the Broken Lands to be an extension of them.
The Asteroid Impactor itself is described as a Meteorite so we can call it as Iron.

1. Crater over twenty miles in diameter.
2. Iron Meteorite.

The Asteroid
To create this twenty mile diameter crater a meteorite of iron would be 6000' in diameter impacting at an angle of 38 degrees, the immortals having knocked it off course from Darokin into Southern Glantri.

The Crater
The final crater is twenty one miles in diameter and two thousand eight hundred feet deep.

Crater Debris
While the crater might be over twenty miles in diameter (an area encompassing seven 8-mile hexes) the impact throws up twenty cubic miles of rock burying the keeps at Silverston, Soth-Kabree, and Nathrat. The structures are most certainly destroyed but the deep, bunker like dungeons might survive.
There are boulders in this crater rim material that are a thousand feet in diameter to two hundred and twenty feet in diameter out to the twenty eight mile boundary.

The Quake
The quake is 8.6 in magnitude. At three hundred miles it shakes buildings without damage. It shakes buildings in Shireton waking the residents.

The Fireball
The Fireball is nineteen miles in diameter.
The Thermal Radiation causes third degree burns (3d6 damage) out past two hundred and fifty miles radius and first degree burns (1d6 damage) out at three hundred miles radius to people and animals. The western edge of Alfhiem forest ignites and begins burning. The Grass and crops of Darokin burns as do the grasslands in western edge of the Khanate.

The Wind Blast
At the crater's edge there is a wind blast headed outward. Here it is over five thousand miles an hour.

At sixty miles where the boulders falling from the sky are now eight feet in diameter an airblast of one thousand three hundred and ninety miles an hour hits a few minutes after the asteroid impact blowing away even stone buildings.
At a hundred miles the debris is two feet in diameter and the Air blast is just over seven hundred miles an hour.
At two hundred miles the debris is a mix of two and a half inch gravel and sand. The Air blast has reduced to a cyclonic wind gust of around two hundred and fourty four miles an hour. Wooden buildings are blown away and ninety percent of the trees are blown down.
At two hundred and fifty miles the ejecta material is gravel and fine sand. Wooden buildings have collapsed as a one hundred and seventy mile an hour wind gust hits.
At three hundred miles ejecta is a fine gravel and dusty sand and thirty percent of trees are downed as a hundred and twenty seven mile an hour wind blast reaches the mountains above the Five Shires.

The Five Shires are spared. Those halflings exposed suffered sunburn.
The fire in western Alfhiem has spred to ignite the whole forest fed by cyclonic winds.
Those humanoids not deep in lower broken lands are dead and the landscape has been blown away.
The timber buildings, wizard spellbooks, trees in the City of Glantri caught fire only to be blown away by wind gusts. The populace not in stone fortresses as far north as Fort Nordling are blown away.
While most of Boldavia takes minimum damage from the wind gust with gravel raining from the sky it's Vampire population at Igorov take an unexpected dose of heavy sunburn and cyclonic winds with a clear view of the fireball.
The grasslands of the Taijits in the western khanate ignite and burn totally along with herds and people only to be blown away by cyclonic winds.
Huge boulders and debris come over the silver sierras impacting in lake Amsorak. Ships on the lake ignite and burn. The cities of Akesoli, Akorros, and Darokin begin burning only to be blown away by the wind gust. Selenica, Tenobar, and Athenos survive with little or no damage. The city of Sind likely survived with some damage.

What survivors exist in northern Glantri emerge from their fortresses to find their peasant population, crops and herds gone.
The humanoids of the lower broken lands eventually emerge to find a greatly altered landscape. The broken lands now occupy a vast area of southern Glantri. The surface is scoured of people, soil, plants, animals, and buildings.

Glantri, Alfhiem, Broken Lands, Darokin (and the Cavern of Perpetual Rain in western shadow elf lands is breached by the crater so yeah... These places are gone after the formation of the Great Crater. Given the destructive nature the shadow elf realms and lower broken lands would have subsided.

So...yay the Immortals fixed it.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Blakes Seven: Scorpion Interceptor

The prototype produced by Outer Planets, the Scorpion Interceptor prototype is stolen by a band of criminals on the run from the Terran Federation. Its Time Distort 20 Darkmatter Drive dominates the craft which features an AI called Slave and the latest in Teleport technology.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Short Fiction: Starwars - Shadows of the Past

Title: Starwars - Shadow of the Past

Chewbacca disengaged the hyperdrive of the Millenium Falcon appearing above Coruscant in a turbulent storm of Ion Cannons as First Order Star Destroyers unloaded the full force of their power into the Rebel Alliance vessels still emerging from Hyperspace.
Something was very wrong.
"Where are the Capital Ships?" General Calrissian surveyed the Battlefield. The Capital Ships had failed to materialize from hyperspace. Overwhelming fear made all the more terrifying by the realization that the loss of half the fleet included General Organa Solo and her damn gold protocol droid that seemed to shadow her like a rarely silent guardian. Lando brought up the fleet communications.
"Large Mass Interdiction has just taken out our Capital ships." The Rebel Alliance had lost.  "All remaining vessels begin withdrawal from the system."
An Ion Blast burned through the Millenium Falcon hyperdrive and Chewbacca howled in fear as they were reduced to sublight engines only. They would not be going anywhere.
"I know. I Know." Lando Calrissian looked for an exit. "There!"
"Chewbacca..." Lando pointed at a medical frigate far beyond the edge of the battlefield. "Get us docked with that medical Frigate before they make the jump to Hyperspace." Another ion blast ripped through the sublight engines tossing the burning wreckage of the Millenium Falcon into a tumble. Chewbacca grabbed Lando who suddenly found himself thrown from his seat against the bulkhead, the pain overwhelming his senses and rendering him unconcious.
Its going to be all right Chewie. Luke focussed on steadying the Millenium Falcon, pulling the small Corellian vessel out of the debris field toward the Medical Frigate. Luke looked at R2-D2. "Inform the Frigate Crew that the Millenium Falcon has been disabled and General Calrissian is injured." The blue and white Astromech quickly manouvered out of the Patient Recovery Suite and headed for the medical ward computer occupied by the nearest ranking officer.
Jyn Sybo looked up from the medical ward database at the R2 unit that had for so long loitered by the Injured Luke Skywalker and now communicated directly with the ship.

The Millenium Falcon drifted into range of the Medical Frigate and shuddered as a tractor beam grabbed the dead vessel pulling it to the docking hatch.
Chewbacca carried the unconcious and injured Lando Calrissian through the wreckage of the Millenium Falcon and upward through the access hatch into the airlock of the medical frigate to the awaiting Medical team.
Chewbacca growled at a medical droid that they could cut the Millenium Falcon loose and he growled again with some great regret as the shudder of the Millenium Falcon being cut loose from the Medical Frigate to die in space like garbage cast adrift before the jump to hyperspace vibrated up through the airlock. She was gone.
She was gone. Luke swept the battlefield for any trace that Leia had somehow miraculously survived the Large Mass Interdiction and turned away as the Medical Frigate jumped to hyperspace. The grief and loss burned at him as he struggled to steady himself against R2-D2. Another member of his family was gone.

Chewbacca entered the medical ward and growled at the sight of Luke Skywalker struggling to stand.
"I'm all right Chewbacca." Luke looked up at the grieving Wookie. "I'm sorry about the Millenium Falcon."
"I know how much it meant to you, and Han, and Lando." Luke smiled at a memory. "Even Leia." Chewbacca embraced the withered old man before him and growled at the true loss they shared.

"Red Six closing on the Super Star Destroyer!" The A-Wing approached the great vessel from behind. Its colossal engines, lit with the nuclear inferno that pushed the vessel forward, and TIE fighters screamed, the sound of them audible across the void of space, as they pursued. He had heard the order to retreat. And he had ignored it. There needed to be someone to stay and fight. Finn flew into the very structure of the vessel. He knew the secrets and weaknesses of every Imperial vessel. And deep in the infrastructure of the Super Star Destroyer, between the engines, there was a landing bay. Small, isolated, and unoccupied by anything other than a Technician Inspection Environment: A TIE. In the true sense of the anacronism, It was the weaponless origin of every TIE fighter design that followed.
The A-Wing touched down on the landing deck and the fighter canopy slid open. Despite the obscurity of this landing deck there was always a chance of discovery.
Finn alighted the fighter, dropping onto the deck.
The Technician Inspection Environment looked up to the task. A simple catch and the TIE opened ready for a pilot. Finn was lifted into the small vessel and the pressure hatch sealed. The TIE lifted from the deck and manouvered in the crowded space until it aligned with an open access conduit that led deeper into the infrastructute. Slowly Finn moved forward down the inspection conduit toward the Reactors.

The Reactor was huge. It loomed ahead of Finn like an unborn Death Star in its womb. There was no destroying it but it was held in place by restraints to prevent the reactor from being pushed forward through the ship ahead of the Drive. They were strong where they needed to be strong. Finn operated the exterior arm and placed the charge.

The TIE settled on the Technical Operations deck. Finn contemplated returning to his A-Wing but he knew the Technical Inspection Environment could sit in the Main Drive with the engine burning hot and it would survive. The drive shuddered and tore loose, surging forward through the superstructure sending a quake through the entire ship.
Finn powered up the TIE and flew out into space in a straight line acted on only by the planet's gravity. What this TIE didnt do well was manouver in space. In the infrastructure of a star destroyer its micro tractor beams could grab at the surrounding superstructure and move the TIE in relation to that environment. Out here there would be the occasionable chunk of ship debris and the gravity well of Coruscant dragging him down from orbit.
"Rei!" Finn hoped very much that she would hear him through the storm of ship to ship communications in this chaotic battlefield. "Any time!"
Finn monitored the conflict zone from the safety of the Technician Inspection Environment until the shadow of a small vessel manouvered above the TIE and clamped on. It wasn't any of the Imperial designs he had seen.
"Rei?" The vessel and its cargo manouvered until they were lined up with the Super Star Destroyer currently ripped in half by a reactor and drive section propelling itself forward toward the planet Coruscant. "Can you get me to it before it hits the Atmosphere?" The death-toll would be substantial.

The TIE surged forward. The second thing the Technician Inspection Environment wasnt designed to was protect its technician from substantial acceleration. Finn took a six gee hit, blacking out.

Finn woke to the disturbing sensation of being shaken awake.
"I'm okay." The TIE was being shaken side to side by the vessel clamped on above it. "Sorry! Must have blacked out." They were over the reactor and its drive and starting to take atmospheric friction. Finn activated the TIE tractor propulsion systems.
"I suggest you release my TIE." The vessel cut the TIE loose and Finn manouvered forward across the Reactor surface. "Every drive and reactor section is designed to be manouvered through the Star Destroyer superstructure under its own power during assembly."
"The Technician simply needs to interface the TIE to the drive," Finn found the connection point. "And you effectivly have a giant spaceship engine attatched to a tiny little pilot pod."
"Interface is good." The drive revealed the manouvering thrusters that it had not used in years and began its slow climb back out of the Atmosphere. "Its working." The engine was still descending but slowly it began to resist the Innevitable. The drive slowly leveling out until it seemed to skim just above the City that occupied the Planet. They still were a long way from climbing out of the gravity well.
Finn watched his companion manouver the small craft that rescued him to match his slow ascent. It landed on the reactor and clamped down. The canopy slid back to release the pilot.

Kylo Ren climbed down from his fighter and pulled his lightsaber, igniting its red energy corona.
"This is a long time coming." Finn watched as a madman somehow struggled against the atmospheric disturbance created by the colossal starship engine to stay on his feet and walk toward the Technician Inspection Environment that Protected Finn from certain death in the same situation.
"You know you cant get at me in here." Finn hoped it were true. The Lightsaber was an unusual weapon. It created a field that distorted the field of its target, using its own energy against it. It was entirely possible the Lightsaber would be the weapon that would slice through the hull of the TIE.
"This is where you die Traitor." Kylo Ren was barely audible over the chaos around them as he proceeded to push the point of his lightsaber into the surface of the TIE and smiled as the blade's collision with an otherwise indestructible object erupted with energy release. It would happen. Soon.
Finn contemplated his options. The engine would continue its rise out of the atmosphere for a while.
Finn considered detatching the Technician Inspection Environment and manouvering as best he could. It instantly put distance between the TIE and Kylo Ren.
"Not to bright Solo." He hated that name and Finn knew it.
"My name is" Rage filled Finn's opponent. "...Kylo Ren! "A second option came to mind. Finn activated a tractor beam and it grabbed a hold of Kylo Ren like a parent restraining an angry child.
"I have you now Solo!" Finn laughed and Kylo Ren suddenly became calm. Finn needed to break Kylo Ren's focus now.
"I hear the Millenium Falcon was destroyed. Do you think Chewbacca Survived?" Ren ignored it. Not enough. "Pity about your Mother. That interdiction took out her Capital Ship." Ren opened his eyes.

To be continued...