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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Mystaran Campaign: After the Asteroid

Talos Hates Fae?
After the dust of the Asteroid that descimated the Known World settled vagabond Preachers speaking on behest of some Immortal or other, though none of them could call on their immortal for spells, began preaching some message or other.

Though the message was unique to their immortal, it was also clear. Their immortal was the only immortal.

Disaster Movie: Airbus threat to depart UK over Brexit

An Airbus Brexit
Hah! They are threatening the idiots who have thrown the James Bond cinema universe into chaos. At the rate the UK is going, it will disintergrate into little nuclear armed petty fiefdoms and the next James Bond will involve the final hours of the UK as a nation... and still be out of date.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Prestige Class: Nectar Eater

The Nku-cku (Nectar Eater)
In a terrible necromantic ritual the elf becomes an outcast forever forgoing becoming the ruler of a clan. They drink the nectar of the gods from a womb (drinking from life itself). Having violated the sanctity of life they are outcast forever.

Level    Title                                          HD       Experience     Special Touch
1-8         Necromancer-Superhero    8d6      0-250,000xp     
9             Sku-lku                                   9d6      400,000xp    
10           Bku                                          10d6   600,000xp    
11           Oku                                         11d6    800,000xp         paralysis (2-8 turns)
12           Uku                                         12d6    1,200,000xp      experience drain
13           Uku-rku                                 13d6    1,400,000xp      level drain (x1 level)
14           Mku-mku                              14d6     1,600,000xp     rotting disease
15           Pku-rku                                 15d6     1,800,000xp     level drain (×2 levels)
16           Pku-rku                                 16d6     2,000,000xp     level drain (×2 levels)
17           Rku                                        17d6      2,200,000xp     aging (1d4x10 years)
18           Pku-rku                                 18d6     2,400,000xp     poison
19           Nku-dku                                19d6    2,600,000xp     poison (-2 save)
20           Lku                                        20d6    2,800,000xp     paralysis (1-100 days)

At 9th level the Elf Nectar Eater is equivalent to an immortal of 40pp.

Undead            Proto-form            *ku markers
Skeleton          Skukulkuton          sku-lku
Zombie            Zombkuku             bku
Ghoul               Ghokul                     oku
Wight               Kukukught              uku
Wraith              Kukuararkuth         uku-rku
Mummy          Mkummkuku          mku-mku
Spectre           Spkuctarku             pku-rku
Vampire          Varmpkuarku         pku-rku
Phantom         Pharntom                             
Haunt               Harkunt                   rku
Spirit                 Spkuarkut              pku-rku
Nightshade     Nkughtshardku    nku-dku
Lich                  Lkuch                       lku

Old Stuff: Translating Minoan

So that trident is the TH rune making at least those three pictograms in minoan a mix of primitive viking runes forming a proto-greek word THTA. It could be ETA if that trident was an E not a TH. The fletching A from the arrow AR is present so somewhere is going to be the arrow-head R.

Star Arrow: Rocks from the Sky

The Scottish Star-Arrow family/clan Names (Starar: star arrow)
Strachan:                    Starar-charn
Straiton:                      Starar-kuton
Strange:                      Starar-ngku

Sta- is a post exodus value refering to camping near a swamp. We know they are present during the Iron Age in celtic regions.

In close proximity to the event, they migrate to Scotland from Estonia. The event gives rise to the iron age. Taking the events as a bad omen they migrated as far west as they could go taking their primitive boats and head west through the Mediterranean. This mass migration

Mystical Location: Laestrygon (Larku-starku-kugon); (Starku: Star-bow/hollow). This star phonetic marker indicates an impact event described by the same language subgroup as the clans that are named for the star-ar.

Time: Though considered to have occured around 2700BCE-2000BCE Iridium in nearby bogs puts it at 400BCE. The event occurs near the beginning of the iron age.

Associated stories
Louhi (Lokuhku) an evil wizard steals the secret of fire from people.
Ukko (Kukukuo), god of sky creates a new sun from a spark, but the virgin of the air drops the spark to the ground.
Heroes see fire fall from the sky beyond Neva (Nkuvar) river and seeking it find a forest fire.

Dead Spiders: we need Tarantino to kill Peter Parker

I think we need Quentin Tarantino to play the role of the Tinkerer who blows away Peter Parker setting in motion numerous different Spidey replacements. Peter Parker strikes me as an organ donor. Thats an ideal scenario where his bone marrow goes to kids with cancer, his heart to a girl named Gwen Stacey, a kidney to a kid named Miles Morales, and maybe the tinkerer mops up some of the blood and gives it to a tiny alien organism he picked up in the street after the events of the Avengers.

Say it with me... Death to Spiderman!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Over the Edge: Exploring Mystical Realms

Location                          protoform                                 *ku tags                     suffix
Arcadia                           Arcardkuar                                   dku                               ar
Agartha                          Argarthar                                                                            ar
Alfheim                          Arlfhkukum                                   hku
Annwn                            Arnnkukun                                     nku
Asgard                           Arsgard
Atlantis                          Artlarntkus                                    tku
Avalon                            Arvarlon
Axis Mundi                    Arxkus Mkundku                          xku, dku                       ku
Aztlán                            Arztlarn
Baltia                             Barltkuar                                        tku                                   ar
Biarmaland                   Bkuarmarlarnd                             bku
Biringan city                 Bkuarkungarn                               bku, rku
Brahmapura                 Bararhmarpkuarar                      pku                                  ar
Brasil                              Bararskul                                      sku
Hy-Brasil                        Hkuku-Bararskul                          hku, sku
Brittia                             Barkuttkuar                                   rku, tku                          ar
Camelot                        Carmkulot                                     mku
Cockaigne                    Cockuarkugnku                           cku, rku, nku                   ku
Diyu                                Dkukukuku                                    dku, uku                        ku
Dinas Affaraon            Dkunars Arffararon                     dku
Dinas Emrys                 Dkunars Kumarkukus                 dku, rku
El Dorado                      Eldoarardo
Elysian Fields               Kulkukuskuarn                              lku, sku
Gorias                            Goarkuars                                       rku
Finias                              Fkunkuars                                       fku, nku
Murias                           Mkuarkuars                                   mku, rku
Falias                             Farlkuars                                         lku
Hawaiki                           Harkukuarkukuku                     rku, uku                        ku
Heaven                            Hkuarvkun                                   hku, vku
Hel                                    hkul                                               hku
Heimr                               hkukumar                                    hku                                  ar
Hell                                   hkull                                               hku
Hyperborea                    Hkukupkuarboarkuar                hku, pku, rku              ar
Irkalla                               Kuarkuarllar                                 rku                               ar
Jabulqa                            Jarbkulqar                                   bku                                  ar
Jabulsa                            Jarbkulsar                                    bku                                  ar
Jotunheim                       Jotkunhkukum                            tku, hku
Kingdom of Reynes      Arkukukunkus                              rku, uku, nku
Kingdom of Saguenay  Sargkukunarkuku                       gku, rku                       ku
Kolob                                Kuolob
Kunlun Mountain           kunlkun                                           lku
Kvenland                          Kuvkunlarnd                                  vku
Kyöpelinvuori               Kukukuopkulkunvkuoarku    uku, pku, lku, vku, rku  ku
La Ciudad Blanca           Lar Ckukudard Blarncar         cku                                   ar
Laestrygon                       Larkustarkukugon                       rku
Lake Parime                     Parkumku                                      rku, mku                    ku
Lemuria                             Lkumkuarkuar                               lku, mku, rku          ar
Lintukoto                          Lkuntkukuoto                                 lku, tku
Lyonesse                          Lkukuonkussku                             lku, nku, sku             ku
Meropis                         mkuaropkus                                 mku, pku
Tir na nÓg                      Tkuar nar nog                              tku
Mag Mell                         Marg Mkull                                 mku
Mictlan                             Mkuctlarn                                   mku
Mount Olympus            Olkukumpkus                             lku, pku
Mount Penglai               Pkunglarku                                  pku, rku                       ku
Mu                                    Mku                                               mku                              ku
Muspelheim                   Mkuspkulhkukum                     mku, pku, hku
Nibiru                               Nkubkuarku                                nku, bku, rku               ku
Niflheim                           Nkuflhkukum                             nku, hku
Niflhel                              Nkuflhkul                                     nku, hku
Norumbega                   Noarkumbkugar                        rku, bku                        ar
Nysa                                Nkukusar                                     nku                                ar
Paititi                                Parkutkutku                                rku, tku                        ku
Quivira                              Qkukuvkuarar                            qku, vku                       ar
Cíbola                              Ckubolar                                      cku                               ar
Scholomance                Scholomarncku                         cku                                ku
Sierra de la Plata           Skukuararar dku lar Plartar    sku, dku                       ar
Shambhala                      Sharmbharlar                                                                    ar
Shangri-La                       Sharngarku-lar                          rku                                  ar
Gomorrah                        Gomoarararh                                                                   
Sodom                              Sodom                                                                              
Suddene                           Skuddkunku                             sku, dku, nku                 ku
Summerland                   Skummkuarlarnd                     sku, mku                      
Svartálfaheimr               Svartarlfarhkukumar               hku                                 ar
Takama-ga-hara            Tarkuarmar-gar--harar            rku                                  ar
Themiscyra                     Thkumkusckukuarar               hku, mku, cku              ar
Thule                                 Thkulku                                       hku, lku                        ku
Valhalla                             Varlharllar                                                                        ar
Vanaheimr                       Varnarhkukumar                      hku                               ar
Westernesse                   Kukukustkuarnkussku           uku, tku, nku, sku      ku
Xibalba                              Xkubarlbar                                xku                               ar
Yomi                                   Kukuomku                                 uku, mku                     ku
 Ys                                       Kukus                                         uku                              
Zerzur                                 Zkuarzkuar                               zku                               ar
Zion                                     Zkuon                                        zku                             

A number of norse realms have the kumar marker...putting them in Asia.

For further analysis...