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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Mystaran Campaign: A look at Dwarven

Rockhome Dwarven has a number of words in common use thar can be divided into Old Dwarven and Modern Dwarven. Consider the word Evedotar (Clan Head). This can be considered a modern Dwarf concept. Eve (High) - Dotar (Family Head). Then there is proto-Dwarven. Dotar divides further: Do (an undefined/extinct word though D and O exist individually as Dwarf Name Prefix) - Tar (Beard). Do could be a reduced form of Dor meaning Wondrous/Impressive. So Clan head might have originally refered to a specific Dwarf (Do High-Beard), or it might be originally Eve-dor-tar (High Wondrous Beard).

Dwarf                     English
Ats                          Axe
Bahr                        Sun
Bal                           Tan
Barr                        Yellow/Blonde
Belf                         Noisy

Bif                           Nimble
Blys                        Blood/Red
Bof                         Stout/Husky
Bol                           Crater/Hole
Bomb                      Huge/Fat
Buhr                        Fire
Buhrad                   Gold
Dal                           Valley
Dar                           War-chief/Sergeant
Den                          Stone/Rock
Dor                          Impressive/Wondrous
Dorf                        Slow/Ponderous
Dotar                      Parent/Family head
Dul                          Low/Deep
Dulgardar             Governor/Mayor
Dwal                      Hill/Hillock
Dwarf                    Dwarf
Eft                          Top/Mountain-top
Est                         Eye
Eve                        High
Evedar                  Captain
Evedotar              Clan head
Far                         Wrecker/Ruiner
Fil                          Dusk
Fotar                    Father
Ful                        West/Western
Gar                       Home
Gardar                 King
Garr                      Safe
Gil                         Noon
Glo                       Big
Gon                      Bigger
Gor                       Biggest
Ghyr                     Solid/Sound/Thick
Hra                       Green
Hrak                    Chain/Shackles
Hraken               Convict/Prisoner
Hrap                    Frog
Hrodar                Games/Competition
Hrokar                Dangerous/Treacherous/Shifting
Hruk                    Granite
Hrum                   Sloping/Slanted
Hur                      Cave
Hurgon               Cavern
Hwyr                   Bellows/the wind
Jhyr                     Orange Colour
Kagyar                Immortal patron of dwarves
Karats                 Great-axe/Battle Axe
Karodar              Battle/War
Karr                      Death/Name of Immortal Thanatos
Ker                        Tooth/Fang
Klint                     Shining/Flashing/Fiery
Klist                     Sparkling/Flashing/Icy
Kon                      Dawn
Kor                       Gray
Kres                     Teeth/Fangs
Krey                     Speaker/Senator
Kroten                 Slung/Worn on back
Kuld                     North/Northern
Kur                       Black
Larodar               Wandering/Meandering
Larodin                Minister
Lhyn                     Straight/Flat/Linear
Lhyr                       Smooth
Lin                         Moon/Month
Mak                      Broken/Ruined
Motar                   Mother
Mor                       Pond
Mur                       Lake
Na                         Cutting with an edge
Nar                        Cut/Incision/Wound
No                         Clever/Sharp mind
Nor                        Cut/Damaged
Norden                 Jagged/Notched
Or                          Gravel
Puhn                     Hammer
Pyr                        Purple
Rad                       Iron
Radas                   Marble
Rak                        Citadel/Castle/Fortress
Rasdar                  General (noun)
Rast                       Mountain
Rutar                      Hand
Sann                       East/Eastern
Sar                          South/Southern
Sarkrey                  Ambassador
Shyld                      Shield
Skyr                        Forge/Smithy
Smag                     Smoke/Smokey
Stahl                      Blue (Specific)
Styr                        Blue (in general)
Syhar                     Moon
Syr                          Silver/White
Syth                        Quiet
Tar                          Beard
Thor                       Variant of Tor
Thra                       Glassy-Smooth/Mannered personality
Thro                       Oily smooth/coniving personality
Tor                          Strong/Enduring/Hard/Hardened
Tordar                   Nobleman
Toren                     Worker
Torrad                    Steel/Hardened Iron
Warf                       From/Born from/Made of
Whar                      Pitiless
Wyr                        Empty/Hollow/Hungry

The prospect of creating the tale of Do High-beard... sounds like fun.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Blakes Seven: a BX style Cover mockup

All you need is the thief class with a selection of skills to select from...

Starship piloting, computers, sidearms, electronic locks...

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Non Player Character: Yasmin the Assassin

Yasmin (Kukuasmin)

Str (⚂⚂⚁): 8           3hp
Int (⚅⚅⚅): 18        Lawful
Wis (⚂⚂⚀): 7        Magicuser Level 1
Dex (⚅⚄⚄): 16
Con (⚃⚃⚀): 9
Cha (⚂⚂⚄): 11

Starting gold (⚄⚃⚅): 150gp

Spell scrolls: read magic, magic missile/variant (assassins knife).

Kukuasmin is apprenticed to the Magist of the Sultan. She is effectivly a royal eliminator in training. Currently she is travelling with a merchant caravan to deliver a letter and scrolls to an associate of her master. She carries six daggers under her robes for use with her magic missile variant spell during her journey.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Australian Gamer: Getting into Dungeons & Dragons 5E

If you want to get into 5E in Australia, it will probably be cheaper to get the PDF and self print and bind your own books than buy them mainstream.


Booktopia has a better selection at better prices.

Angus & Robertson not as extensive as booktopia.

A selection of pricey online locals. You will definatly wish you had that chest full of treasure.

Dungeon Mastery: Recommended Reading...

Sixty four year old dictionary. Yeah, its kind of suffered horribly these last few decades under my cruel hands...

But yes, as a Dungeon Master you need a good Dictionary that can hold up under your mistreatment.

It has a useful appendix on protoindoeuropean in there.


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Treasure Hoard: Some art you can use...

A toppled urn has spilled a thousand coins...

Secret Runes: Aryan has an unexpected origin...

Aryan... it looks to originate in the same ancient rune forms we are dealing with. Areean or rather Arkukuan Arku meaning Warrior and Kuan meaning Bow, hollow, nest, camp Wadi and an meaning Ancestors. So...

'Ancestral homeland of Warriors.'

It is at this point you might notice the phonetic similarity in Arkukuan as Arkadian (an ancient greek tribe). We see however the arrow-double bow marker associated with the Khoesan bushmen.

The Kuan language is spoken by a chinese ethnic population of around a thousand.

Kuan in chinese means wide/broad. So physically larger warriors as mercenaries or raiders In china.

History is rapidly becoming 'a threw it all in and push blend' reality.