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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Doctor Who: The Doctor isnt a Man or Woman

The Doctor is an Alien. And given the nature of  this Alien species propensity to Regenerate, and the use of a Chameleon circuit in the average TARDIS, the species is chameleonic.

So the rather pathetic cry over the Doctor being portrayed as a woman is as valid as crying over the doctor being portrayed by an orangutan who can communicate with sign language. Its all irrelevant.

The fact is we know that the Timelords are time travelling chameleonic predators (dogs who can look like anyone).

"You know how you went on holiday and left your dog to fend for itself...there you go." - innevitable Men in Black/Doctor Who cross-over.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Star Trek: Part of the LCARS deck to get you started

I still need to create Another Twenty Four cards in the LCARS deck, but they will be After Action Reports that get you to draw another card...mostly.

Now you can play. You just need LEGO.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Stellar Cartography: Proxima B has a moon...maybe (updated)

Anyway...the main curve is supposed to be Proxima B orbiting Proxima Centauri with its eleven day year...
so the tiny variation I think is a Moon which I name Sugar Glider if anyone is yet to catch it, has a cycle of 0.0294 (32 minutes) and a Relative Velocity contribution of +/- 0.25 ms^-1.
Thats a pretty fast orbit so I figure its a moon and not another planet so close to the star its rolling across the damn surface.

Dont know what the phase shifting relationship is though. It will come to me.

Oops: This is Alpha Centauri B data...

Okay so here is the Proxima Centauri data. Fortunately there is a also moon. Dont know what the noise in Radial velocity data means. Its almost like solar pressure contributing to accelerated rotational velocity (or decelerated rotational velocity).

I wonder if you can name both moons Sugar Glider Possum?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Ship Wrecks: Another off Northern Territory

 I fished off that beach as a kid, so When it comes to the suggestion there is a ship... just a few hundred feet out from the shore is a surprise. Its size is significant. More on the scale of a steam ship. In Australian history a big steamer sailed from a port in Western Australia, and headed for an unknown Northern Port, and she vanished into a cyclone.
The SS Koombana was a Passenger and Mail Carrier which vanished in 20th March, 1912 having sailed from Rock Hampton.

It was 348 feet long, 48 feet wide.

Its hard to tell on the scale with Google maps. Bit it looks like collapsed decks, and a damaged bow, as though it had rolled.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Star trek: Borg Transwarp Conduit Network & Hubs

 Here is the Borg Transwarp Conduit Network and Hubs... and adjusting the image distortion I overlay various objects and move them over our Voyager return path map.
Assuming Janeway eliminated green line that exits near Klingons, Romulans, and Federation, that leaves a whole lot of places across the Galaxy where conduits exit, and hubs exist for major Borg movements into the future.

What do these represent?
Conduits represent Technologically advanced Civilizations of Assimilation interest to the Borg.

Secondary Hubs represent heavy assimilation efforts and resource commitment to expansion.

The origins of the Borg can be seen in the development of smaller conduit networks targeting less significant civilizations before they go after bigger species further out. The entire Beta Quadrant along the Perseus Arm is under Assimilation from the far edge of the Romulans and Klingons around to the Delta Quadrant. And the Beta Quadrant hub has a conduit extending out to the Outer Arm. Who ever is out there is Third Assimilation Category...Which the Federation is only on the verge of becoming thanks to the efforts of Voyager.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

History Amok: Roman Legion in 1500BC Syria

You were probably amazed at the arrival of the 8th Roman legion in Korea...not impossible, and it exhibits an anomaly that will need to go into a history book. Now it gets ugly. Time Travelling 8th Roman Legion ugly.
Here is uau-gal (volcae for eagle) in a 1500BC cuniform script found in a city in Syria. While the word eagle exists in this time frame as uau-gal thanks to the volcae, the pictogram script used to describe it is the anomaly. The phonetic letters form an eagle (wing-body-wing) over a second phonetic layer with (V-body-III). We have a Roman eagle banner of the 8th legion in a 1500BC cuniform script. The script would need to be a proto hangul korean script and the Archaeologists simply got it wrong on date.

The Alternative is time travel. The 8th Roman Legion Traveled to 1500BC Syria and created a civilization.

For the DM: Your PCs 8th Legion from the Millenian Empire from the Hollow World having Explored the Eastern Realms is dispatched 1500 years into the Past where they get to Establish a Colony and Civilization.