Memories of Connor's Adventures

Orlando the Adventurer pulled a Scimitar from beneath his Robes and smiled...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dungeon Mastery: A hand full of dice...

Behold the village Dorf (yes I know that means Village in German).

I grabbed a handful of assorted dice types and dropped them on a sheet of paper. Their locations were replaced with a basic building shape and dice result numbers were used to determine building population. The d20s became the two towers of an old stone gate keep.
The nice wide gap was going to be a road but I changed that to a small river. Now it is the major travel artery.

Village of Dorf
Population: 70
Dorf is a Market and Port where farmers sell their produce.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Bad Astronomy: Searching for Dark Planets

Apparently there is a dark planet out there past pluto that is impossble to see but large enough to alter the tilt of the Sun. So what if we simply use lasers? Beams go out and when they get blocked by something we cant otherwise see, huzzah! We found invisible Planet 9...or is it Planet 10? The point being there are quicker ways to do something other than look at movement of impossibly faint objects in photos. Rotating laser satellite sweeping the most probable path of the invisible planet until it crosses paths with the beam seems obvious. Laser beam mapping will allow us to map oort cloud objects well before we could ever send a probe to do it and we can get the data back in our lifetime.