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Monday, 15 May 2017

Player Character: The Cleric is your first PC

The cleric provides you with a fighter who has the ability to turn undead from the first level and picks up spells as the character develops.

Roll up a cleric...
Roll for six abilities, and adjust them for a cleric.

S 12 -2 (10)
I 12 -2 (10)
W 15 +2 (17)
D (6)
C (8)
Ch (16)

So our cleric takes an AC penalty of -1 and -1 on hitpoints due to ill health. there was no real point in boosting wisdom to 17 because it has the same +2 bonus as 16 but it means an actual wisdom check is slightly better in chances.
Starting hitpoints are 1d6-1 (3); starting gold is 3d6x10gp (60gp).
Alignment can be generated by a 1d6: 1-3 lawful, 4-5 neutral, 6 chaotic (4 - neutral). The starting gold isnt much and with holy symbols costing 25gp that leaves 35gp for other equipment. Lets say our cleric wears nothing but pants. Instead he has had a holy symbol tattooed on his body for twenty five gold pieces. Basically he is a fanatic. to turn undead he needs to be shirtless and visible. without the weight of armour he can move twice as fast.

Tundra: Neutral Cleric; 1st level; 3hp; AC 10; S10, I10, W17, D6, C8, Ch16; Equipment: clothes, boots, torch (1d6), holy symbol*, belt, pouch (50cnc), tinderbox, waterskin; Background: Tundra is a convert from the barbarian lands to the north. His indoctrination as a child has resulted in a Fanatic dedicated to preserving the natural world and eliminating the unnatural. His *holy symbol is tattooed on his chest using sharp burning sticks to cauterize the wounds and create the tattoo-scars. He doesnt particularly like elves, dwarves, or halflings or any other magical creature (or magic-users) but prefers them to undead.

And there is our first level cleric... Tundra. The kind of guy who will run at the zombie bare chested and torch burning because 'anything not afraid of fire needs to burn'.

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