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Friday, 7 April 2017

Dungeon Mastery: Twenty Wands using Autocorrect

D'Azur's Wand Emporium
  1. Wand of the most important thing
  2. Wand of my favorite products
  3. Wand of a thousand times
  4. Wand of a new one
  5. Wand of a sudden death
  6. Wand of the best way
  7. Wand of a few minutes walk
  8. Wand of a thousand words
  9. Wand of a few weeks back
  10. Wand of my lifetime warranty
  11. Wand of a small vessel
  12. Wand of being sick
  13. Wand of your favorite thing
  14. Wand of course you can
  15. Wand of being a patron
  16. Wand of a good idea
  17. Wand of the world
  18. Wand of being in bed
  19. Wand of a sudden change
  20. Wand of a man with water

Autocorrect realy churns out nutso Wands...

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