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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

History Amok: Roman Legion in 1500BC Syria

You were probably amazed at the arrival of the 8th Roman legion in Korea...not impossible, and it exhibits an anomaly that will need to go into a history book. Now it gets ugly. Time Travelling 8th Roman Legion ugly.
Here is uau-gal (volcae for eagle) in a 1500BC cuniform script found in a city in Syria. While the word eagle exists in this time frame as uau-gal thanks to the volcae, the pictogram script used to describe it is the anomaly. The phonetic letters form an eagle (wing-body-wing) over a second phonetic layer with (V-body-III). We have a Roman eagle banner of the 8th legion in a 1500BC cuniform script. The script would need to be a proto hangul korean script and the Archaeologists simply got it wrong on date.

The Alternative is time travel. The 8th Roman Legion Traveled to 1500BC Syria and created a civilization.

For the DM: Your PCs 8th Legion from the Millenian Empire from the Hollow World having Explored the Eastern Realms is dispatched 1500 years into the Past where they get to Establish a Colony and Civilization.

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