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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Stellar Cartography: Proxima B has a moon...maybe (updated)

Anyway...the main curve is supposed to be Proxima B orbiting Proxima Centauri with its eleven day year...
so the tiny variation I think is a Moon which I name Sugar Glider if anyone is yet to catch it, has a cycle of 0.0294 (32 minutes) and a Relative Velocity contribution of +/- 0.25 ms^-1.
Thats a pretty fast orbit so I figure its a moon and not another planet so close to the star its rolling across the damn surface.

Dont know what the phase shifting relationship is though. It will come to me.

Oops: This is Alpha Centauri B data...

Okay so here is the Proxima Centauri data. Fortunately there is a also moon. Dont know what the noise in Radial velocity data means. Its almost like solar pressure contributing to accelerated rotational velocity (or decelerated rotational velocity).

I wonder if you can name both moons Sugar Glider Possum?

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