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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Stellar Cartography: KIC 8462852...and at least one planet

There you least one stable planet with a 24-ish day orbit of the Star, and a 4.5-ish day transit of the star. The rest are flux though you just dropped a ball and let it bounce until it is almost at rest. They do have consistent orbital activity. sorry for the dodgy paint lines.

Lots of planets.

Updated: Planets
As best as I can describe their orbits and transits.
Planet                  Orbit Time      Transit Time
Red                        12 days              2.5 days
Gold                       23 days              2.5 days
Green-brown       22.5 days              4 days
Pink                       24.5 days           1.25 days
Blue                       51 days              5 days

Planet gold slowly closes on planet green-brown.

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