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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Stellar Cartography: Sirius, five voids, three flare stars and Planet nine

My right ascension star map has come along but I thought I would use it to point out an oddity. There are in that basket of Possums five significant Voids where you could park our Oort cloud.  The centres of those voids lined up on an aparent orbit around our solar system that passes close to three Flare Stars (Cancrii, Virginis, and Sagittarii), skirts close to our Solar system and heads off Straight through Sirius AB.
Sirius AB is a fun Binary with Sirius A being about five solar masses of our own star, and Sirius B is a significantly oversized White Dwarf almost equal to our Solar mass and is considered to have been a Red Giant around 120 million years Ago (oddly around the same time as an extinction event and made all the more likely if it passed very close to our own star).
Then we have Planet nine whose size is considered significant enough to create a tilting of our star and affect all the little planet orbits in our system. Its possible that Planet nine entered our system when Sirius passed by at the closest point. And if that planet still orbits Sirius it moved its near earth orbit back out through the Oort cloud.
Of course this is all Speculation on its way to being Coincidence. I now need to do a new star map that gives me the bearings of these stars to determine void centres, flare stars, Sirius, and Planet Nine's orbit in three dimensions.

Obviously this is something that real Astronomers could do with their golden ticket astronomy budgets...

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