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Monday, 31 July 2017

Age of Warp: Game Play with new map

Upgrading the Starmap to a one light year per hex scale... anyway, this part of the map is safe for game play.

Player 1: SS Rockhampton launches from Sol on Stardate 2080 toward Alpha Centauri at Warp 2. Draws a card. The crew of the SS Rockhampton encounter a Lifepod, The passenger is carrying a Virus, but they are forced to establish the Rockhampton Medical Research Facility to find a cure on Stardate 2080.1.

Player 2: SS San Francisco launches from Sol on Stardate 2080 and heads for Bernards Star. On Stardate 2080.1 the Crew of the San Francisco discover a Life pod adrift in space... unfortunately they all die from Choriocytosis.

So Early Colonization efforts begin to establish a history for the Age of Warp.

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