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Saturday, 1 July 2017

History Amok: Roman Legion in Korea

As I previously wrote, the word 'eagle' comes from the volcae form 'uau-gal'. In the Korean Language in a Roman left to right writing style we get this:

A proto Korean Pictogram
We can build an eagle in the Volcae form from the Korean phonetic a left to right Roman style.

eu-a-eu +g/k-a-l/r

And we get an eagle with its wings spread, and an eagle with two Roman numerals (one each side of the eagle), a V and III.

This is of course a particular Roman Legion. The 8th legio under Julius Ceasar and their symbol (the eagle) and the Roman pronounced letters of the Volcae word for a Roman Legion's standard becomes part of the Korean language and Alphabet.

A Romanized Volcae with an Eagle standard travels to Korea and creates the Modern Korean Language.

The Roman VIII Legion were active at a much earlier period of 59BC-48BC. Initially established by Pompey, they served with Julius Ceasar in Gaulish Campaigns and North Africa and were eventually disbanded by Julius Ceasar. Oddly enough, the northern Border of the Korean Peninsula is precisely East of Rome.

Funny how history turns out.

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