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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

FASERIP: herostuff Setting

F (3)
A (8)      Health (17)
S (3)       Karma (27)
E (3)       Resources (Poor)
R (16)
I  (8)
P (3)

Powers: fly (60 mph)
Talents: cooking
Contacts: Parents

Secret Identity: Joey Masklin,
Background: Born in Washington State to Canadian Parents in '89. Joey was on a camping trip in the Canadian Rockies when the sky was illuminated by a strange blue light. When he awoke he found he had the power of flight like he read about in comics. He opted to take up the mantle of hero by doning a cape and black mask.

Herostuff Setting
The world isnt ready for metahumans. The very Idea that someone can fly has people looking for Maskncape's secret. But unbeknownst to Joey Masklin he wasnt the only one in those mountains when a high energy particle  from space unleashed its fury.

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