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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Linguistic Archaeology: The Exodus Treasures

Tanach is a religious document important in Jewish origin. In protoindoeuropean it is Ta (to melt) - Ne (not). This is an indoiranian inverse form of 'not - to melt'.

A phonetic cluster

  • Ta (to melt)
  • Tag (to touch, handle; set in order)
  • Tak (to be silent; to take)
  • Tap (plug, wad, projecting part)
  • Tauro (bull)
  • Taw (to make, manufacture)
  • Sta (to stand)
  • Stag (to seep, drip: associated with a swamp)
  • Stam (stammer)
  • Staup (cooking vessel)
So what we have here is a phonetic tied to the exodus period. The narrative is of a stammering priest. The taking and concealing of a bull in a swamp so it isnt destroyed. Not everyone is on board with the Cult of Moses. So exodus treasure (golden calf) is hidden in a swamp near the site the golden treasures were being destroyed as ordered by Moses.

Is there a swamp in Sinai? Even a bog or spring might do. It will be within a few miles of the camp of the israelites.

Huzzah! Treasure.

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