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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Independence day 2: The propaganda version of history

So President Whitmore would have had to contend with global proliferation of everything alien. The spread of small arms, technology, TELEPATH DNA.  on the global black market, terrorists, other nations.
After his third unelected term in office he was likely forced to hold elections.

Updated: so we should be thinking differently.
#independenceday2starempire would be more accurate.

  • Mass Innoculation using alien DNA.
  • A blackmarket trade in alien DNA.
  • Alien hand-weapons on the black market (will Smith would be all over that).
  • Alien metals and alloys.
  • Terrorists and crime gangs with alien TECH.
  • Total collapse of democracy and sovereign nations.
  • An end to presidential elections in the usa, Russia, and so forth.
  • Balance of power has shifted.
  • The do as you are told version of government is absolute.
  • Labour camps and slavery.

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