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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Board games: the ongoing quest to up your monopoly game...

Turning monopoly into a sci-fi card game...which was discussed previously. Here are the basic tiles. You will want:

  • core system (1 or 1 per player)
  • major systems (2 or 2 per player)
  • Greater systems (4 or 4 per player)
  • Lesser systems (8 or 8 per player)
  • Minor systems (16 or 16 per player)
  • Backwaters (32 or 32 per player).

Go them with colour textas or do your own with actual planet images. After all, Dantoine is too remote to pose a real threat...while Tatooine, if you are from the bright centre of the universe, is the planet that it's furthest from.







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