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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Star Wars: community build...

If you had the chance to contribute to a Starwars, what would you prefer?

Starwars IX: Republic's Fall

The Red glow of a lightsaber igniting in utter darkness quickly illuminating the pitch black airlock, revealing to Lando Calrissian the full extent of his situation.
Lando eased the point of it into the metal of the outer hatch until a stream of molten metal spilled eliciting an equal measure of sweat from the man wielding the ancient jedi weapon.

Where everyone submits 50+ words to the story...and build an epic tale.

Or would you prefer group writing this?

Starwars: the Musical

Luke: Bound in servitude to a moisture farmer beneath the burning suns on Tatooine;
And all the while the hate within me for an ever distant empire continues to grow;
My longing unleashed bullseyeing womp rats from my T-16;
And all the while the rebellion is a distant land that I will never know.

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