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Monday, 14 March 2016

Short fiction: vengance is mine

Vengance is Mine

The Sword of Stars didnt move. The Universe moved about it, and when the Universe stopped moving in a manor determined by the Sword of Stars, the great engine; light and darkness; curve and point; met the collision of a certain moon; the horror of the occupants of the world it had orbited; with two spear points emerging from the darkness within, and causing a great blade of golden light to ignite into existence between those spears, which with great measure of power caused to slice the local star in half; Intentional or not, irrelevant. It was done.  The effect of that event would take time to reveal itself to the life forms cowering in fear on the planet third from the sundered star, the two halves now pushing and pulling at one another.
The occupants of that third world had long feared the reprisal of a vengeful creator, and now, in the primordial recesses of their minds, where insanity hid in dark, and cavernous nightmares, screamed a voice:
"I told you so." Their now certain end instantly justified.

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