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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Space Opera: The Ideal Spaceship

A long time ago in a Forum far away I asked a group of people what their Ideal spaceship would be like. They answered:

So the ideal spaceship thus far is:
1. A colossal 'great machine' type spaceship
2. The size of a planet
3. With its own biosphere
4. But dominated by cargo
5. And huge engines
6. With a small human crew
7. And no light speed communications
8. And it exists to serve the plot narrative rather than the narrative be shaped to fit the ship (aka spent ten minutes in the seed dry-store trying to find what damaged the foil seed packets rather than twenty minutes getting to the seed dry-store from the habitat).
9. With a skull and crossbones motif
10. And a colossal weapons battery.
11. The crew Habitat could be an elevator that moves through the ship as required. They are the maintenance crew after all.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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