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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dungeon Mastery: d20 Places on A Map...

There are lots of cool blog names out there...some of the are even useful in themselves. So here is a list of them.

Your search for adventure has led you here:

1D20...geograpical region
1. the Aeternal Realm of Sylaeor
2. Aldeboran
3. Drowning Woods
4. The Wall
5. Borderlands
6. Fabled Lands
7. Metal Earth
8. The Void
9. Lands of Ara
10. Land of Nod
11. Moldyvale
12. The nine and thirty kingdoms
13. The Realm of Zhu
14. Wasted Lands
15. Ur (aparently wizards dwell there)
16. Valley of Old Ones
17. The Barbaric Frontier
18. Straits of Anián
19. Where the sea pour in (its a place)
20. Gardens of Hecate (a forest of dead trees and shallow graves).

Some specific locations to visit

1. Quag Keep
2. The Wander On Inn
3. Citadel
4. The Black Gates
5. The Pale Gate
6. Castle Dragonscar
7. Lich House
8. Gothridge Manor
9. Blood Keep
10. Hall of the Mountain King
11. The Tower (sounds ominous)
12. Tenkar's Tavern (good place for a drunken brawl)
13. The Temple of Demogorgon
14. The Badger-king's Den
15. The City of Iron
16. The Hydra's Grotto
17. Tower of Zordaz
18. Tower of Zenopus
19. Tower of Aagol
20. Waystar Highpoint

What you might find in these strange something for another day.

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