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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Short fiction: uberspace

Uberspace. A cluster of Stringships sat with precision at the very zenith of a galactic spiral arm and from there overlooked a Universe of possibility. The gathered cluster of Uber contemplated every aspect of the decision ahead of them. They finally had within their means the technology to answer the ultimate question. Firstmother Shuuk-Surt-Yeft extolled orange joy at the prospect of the great experiment discovering the creator of all. Orange rippled across the sensate glands of the rest of the populace.
A beam directed out from the stringship and reached out from the gathered fleet towards an unsuspecting Universe.
Somewhere ahead of the beam a Stringship drifted unnoticed, its systems in disarray. Technician Quet-Ques-Tuuk hung upside down as she struggled with the repair of the active spline module that had become the problem. The triantiwantigon slipped from her grasp and plunged through the containment field and into the core. Her sensate gland flashed embarrassment yellow. The Stringship vanished in a change of possibility and a black hole expanded in its place.
The beam altered direction just enough that it would now miss the planet where a small purple cloud of sentient energies busied itself with creating life. Instead it worked its way past entire galactic clusters teaming with beings of advanced awareness. On and on past star after star the beam raced before plunging toward a simple world orbiting a single star. The beam reached down through its distorting atmosphere and settled on a strange entity sitting on the edge of an even stranger machine.
The sensors analysed every aspect of this beings existence.
In its limited selection of appendages was a strange container of liquid filled with molecules common in the formation of life. The gathered Uber experienced the moment and orange rippled across a sea of sensate glands.
This was the Creator.
A small group of technicians clustered around the replication module. The Creator’s beverage emerged with all reality.
A rainbow of indecision rippled through the group until one sampled the mix of molecules. The effect was immediate and almost toxic as it affected certain neural capacities. The Technician experienced an odd warm feeling washed through the sensate gland. Every Uber present experienced it before the technician’s form collapsed into unconsciousness. It was something that the unsleeping Uber had never experienced. Technicians rushed the replication module as everyone wanted one.
Fift-Ftan-Plook came to nexus inebriated with a holy beverage tightly grasped in an appendage bundle. Firstmother Shuuk-Surt-Yeft was expressing deep redness on the virtues of not consuming the holy beverage.
Firstmother’s sensate gland swelled red-yellow-red-yellow as the now drunken Fift-Ftan-Plook ineptly grasped at the Firstmother’s procreation bundle and the sensation was soon replaced with a red admonishment of Fift-Ftan-Plook’s religious choices. Dejected, Fift-Ftan-Plook grasped the narrow bottle neck, shattered the bottom end of the emptied beverage, and went the firstmother with the broken, jagged end.
The conflict was relayed across the fleet and out into the Universe before the communication system failed. The gathered Uber descended into anarchy. Those with beverage attacked those without.
The Human race sat in awe as every television channel that had begun receiving the all blanketing alien signal suddenly went to static.
First contact had ended before it began in a drunken brawl. 

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