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Monday, 7 March 2016

Game Design: Curse of the Mummy

Nothing I love more than creating lets look at that next board game: Curse of the Mummy.

The development notes.

The Sarcophagus Deck.






The Pegs.


The life pegs like a videogame begin with one to three hearts for each of the Player.

Sarcophagus pegs.
If your character finds a sarcophagus peg you draw a sarcophagus card. If you opened a sarcophagus with a mummy it dumps you in the afterlife area and it is loosed into the pyramid. You then take one of the ankh life pegs (burning through the ultimate reward and losing any benificial cards back to the deck) and return to the pyramid entrance. If you get a snake, Spider, or poison card you loose a heart...and loose three over. If you have the antidote card you survive the snake, spider, or poison (they return to deck for discovery). If you get the elixir and the ebon rod cards  at the same time you can teleport to the afterlife and loot life ankhs for yourself. The mummy follows you there chasing you...

If you wind up in the afterlife with no ankhs to help you return and (and no surplus hearts) game over.

 Board Pegs.

Just need to make the game board and assorted peg pieces.
Now roll some dice rules.
Players can attack each other in game after all its winner takes all. Two d6 and high number wins. You can also battle the mummy who has three d6. Why is he hostile? Those are his life ankhs.

Sound like a fun game?

Updated: game boards.

So thats...a boardgame. Obviously need to make physical game boards with holes in them and little peg pieces but yeah. 

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