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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Public Domain: Conan the Barbarian

So Conan the Barbarian has been public domain since 2006 although unpublished manuscripts and updated versions of Howards tales not quite yet.
How has Conan the Barbarian not been dumped through a Portal into a D&D world?

'Hither comes Conan...and after an ugly encounter with a wizard in a ruin, awakes in an alley in some urban cesspool called Waterdeep where magic is a childs plaything and unhuman things mingle openly.'

"Crom!" Declares Conan and promptly evicerates a southerner with black skin, white hair, pointy ears and a pair of scimitars.



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  1. The problem I see is that it's mostly copyright trolls squatting on the rights, the Howard Estate came to an agreement with CONAN O'BRIEN OVER HIS FIRST NAME. I guess Howard invented the name Conan too. Copyright & trademark law a fustercluck.

    There's this Swedish company that claims to own ALL of Conan even the public domain stuff... and few have the money to challenge this.

    In Europe, including Sweden, all of Howard's stories are PD so Glenat's publishing a range of Conan comics !