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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Scifi toolkit: 100 favourite scifi moments from fiction, film, and television

Lets say you want to build the best scifi ever from all the good bits...

The 100

1. {Alien} Underwear clad Sigorney Weaver climbing into a Space suit with a Plan to flush an alien out of the shuttle.

2. {The Day the Earth Stood Still/remake} The Technician screaming to be let out after replacing the drill bit in the test chamber in which GORT is housed.

3. {Ringworld} reproduction rights lottery leads to genetic selection for luck.

4. {Man-Kzin Wars} K'zinti discover icecream from their human slaves; the humanoid hunting cats perfect "tuna flavored ice cream."

5. {serenity} River Tam *activates* and kills all the Reevers.

6. {Ender's game} Ender discovers it was never just a game.

7. {Aliens} Queen Alien is ripping up the floor trying to get at Newt. Then, behind the Queen, a bay door opens revealing Ripley in the bipedal forklift. CUT TO CLOSE UP OF Ripley:
"Get away from her, you Bitch!"

8. {Empire strikes back} The engines make pathetic winding-down sound, then quit altogether. "It's not my fault..."

9. {Enemy Mine} Davidge falls into a sandy pit and stuggles to crawl out. Behind him a long tentacle with horrible teeth rises out of the pit behind him, revealing the pit to be a giant ant lion. The tentacle grabs Davidge's leg and begins to pull him in. Just when it appears that Davidge it about to become a meal, the Drak appears from out of nowhere and saves him.

10. {Fifth Element} Bandit tries to rob Corbin Dallas: "Gimme de caaaassssh!".

11. {Soldier} Colonel Mekum gets dragged up to Todd, the soldier that he said was obsolete and thought dead and who just wiped out all of the new soldiers single handedly. "Please." the Colonel begs as he wets himself. The Colonel and his flunkiess get tossed out to be blown up by their own device.

12. {Galaxy Quest} "And what you fail to realize is my ship is dragging mines."

13. {Wrath of Khan} "Kahn, I'm laughing at the superior intellect."

14. {Galaxy quest} "Oh that's not riiiight"

15. {Silent invaders} Tensions between two secret alien races living among us preparing for invasion of Earth take a turn for the weird when a super-evolved psychic unborn human baby reveals that it has been manipulating events from within its mother's womb.

16. {The Last Starfighter}
Alex Rogan: [discussing battle strategy] Wait a minute. We knock out the turret to get the fighters. But to get to the turret, we gotta get THROUGH the fighters. We're dead.
Grig: [reassuringly] I'll have it all figured out by the time we reach the Frontier.
[alarm sounds and Grig's face falls]
Alex Rogan: What's that?
Grig: The Frontier.

17. {Starship Troopers} Mandatory military service for the right to vote.

18. {The Black Hole} Hans Rhinehart and the robot, Maximillian, merge inside the blackhole and spend eternity together as one entity, in Hell.

19. {Empire strikes back} Vader admits Paternity to Luke.

20. {Original BSG} "By your command."

21. {Terminator} Terminator

"I'll be back"

22. {Startrek: next generation} data paints a picture.

23. {Close encounters of third kind} Five musical notes on top of Devil's Tower, with one deafening bass note in reply.

24. {I am legend} When Will Smith's dog gets infected saving his life.

25. {Return of the Jedi} Princess Leia's bronze bikini.

26. {Ghostbusters} "Print is dead." -Egon

27. Bean destroys vials purportedly containing embryos of his own children, then shooting Achilles in the eye with a rubber bullet.

28. Si Wang-Mu discovering that the godspoken of Path are being controlled by the government with a form of OCD

29. Peter, Jane and Wang-Mu teleporting with the armed M.D. device directly into the invading fleet's hanger.

30. How about "best sound effect EVAR" in SciFi for the "seismic charges" Jango Fett fires at Obi-Wan during the asteroid chase in Attack of the Clones

31. {2001} "You forgot your space helmet, Dave".

32. {2001} "My God, it's full of stars... " 

33. {Jack Vance's The Dirdir} Earth astronaut Adam Reith has been stirring up all kinds of trouble on the planet Tschai, run by alien races, where humans are kept as slaves and their knowledge of Earth brutally suppressed. When he's captured, one of the aliens remarks, "What sort of odd human are you, who refuses to serve us?" and another replies, "He calls himself an Earthman." Reith is interrogated:
Alien: "Are there other of you 'Earthmen' on Tschai?"
Reith (Holds head up): "ALL men are Earthmen!"

34. {Neuromancer, William Gibson} The term 'Cyberspace' is coined, and the concept of 'black ice' invented.

35. {Aliens} "Game over, man.. Game over!"

36. {Neuromancer} "Minds aren't read. See, you've still got the paradigms 
print gave you, and you're barely print-literate. I can access your 
memory, but that's not the same as your mind."

37. {Neuromancer} " The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel."

38. {xfiles/daytheearthstoodstill/sliders/...} Alien shows up at the genius's house and rewrites the world shattering calculations on the blackboard.

39. {Last Starfighter} Trusted Lieutenant: "What do we do?" Commander: "We Die."

40. {Spaced Invaders} ...blah blah..."Donut of Distruction!" Death Droid begins burrowing a very deep hole to hide in.

41. {spaced Invaders} Captain Bito is crossing the highway and is hood ornamented by a truck.

42. {The Fifth Element} The Blue Diva singing Opera

43. {A Mote in God's Eye} when one of humanity's most powerful warships is overcome by alien "watchmakers" infesting its works.

44. {Footfall}, Humanity's Orion Ship rises on a pillar of nuclear fire, challenging an alien race conquering Earth. Forced to make an EVA to repair battle damage, a heroic pipefitter appreciates the stars as the radiation kills him.

45. {Gust Front} when the Posleen turn back in fear from the heraldry of the after running the Engineers' gauntlet of booby-traps.

46. {Hell's Faire} "Bun Bun",almost the most badass tank ever, leads humanity's counterattack against the Posleen.

47. {Bolos!} A Bolo suicidally charges into battle to save her colony, reciting poetry in memory of her fallen commander.

48.  {A Fire Upon the Deep} An advanced AI "virus" hijacks every system it encounters, including the cybernetically-enhanced minds of humanity.

49. {UFO tv series} The opening credits (yes the highly sexist focusing on the lady's backside credits!)

50. {The Jetsons} George telecommuted to work via wireless internet!

51. "James Bolivar DeGritz, I arrest you on the charge-" Right as he drops the safe on the bot's head.

52. "It is three fifths of a second from when Joachim drew his pistol."

53. {Battletech} "I give you, the Cappellan Confederation!"

54. {Foundation series} Psychohistory.

55. {Robot series} Humaniform robots and the three laws of robotics.

56. {Ringworld} the Kzinti.

57. {Crashlander collection} Solar system composed entirely of anti-matter.

58. {Uplift series} Uplifting and dolphins piloting space ships.

59. {Startrek} mirror universe Lt. Uhura

60. {Empire strikes back} "Captain Piett? You are in command now, Admiral Piett!"

61. {Bladerunner} "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe 
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion
I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate
All those moments will be lost in time
Like tears in rain
Time to die."

62. {Galaxyquest} "What happened to my limo??" And, then the gates open and Jason Nesmith sees a planetary system spread out before him.

63. {Galaxyquest} "Miner not a minor."

64. {Lucifer's Hammer} As the giant meteor plunges into the Pacific a surfer dude decides to spend his last minutes riding the biggest wave in history. He manages to get up and ride the thousand ft. tsunami halfway over Los Angeles before he's smacked into the side of a skyscraper.

65. {Return of jedi} “It’s a trap!” – Admiral Ackbar

66. {Empire strikes back} “Then I’ll see you in Hell.” – Han Solo

67. {Empire Strikes Back} when Vader is talking on holo to the captains of the three Star Destroyers, when one of the hologram images suddenly cowers and then blinks out as his ship is destroyed. Vader ignores it.

68. {The Legacy of Herot} the moment where the colonists realise that the Salmon are actually baby Grendels…

69. {Footfall} where Harry first gets a look a the alien invaders … and they are baby elephants, wearing platform shoes, flying in paper planes … and wielding large shotguns in their trunks …

70. {Masque World} "Sir Henry Oliphaunt kept his Trog suit. He never wore it and he never spoke of it to Lady Oliphaunt, but he kept the suit and sometimes late at night he would take it from its secret place and look at it. And there were other nights when he would suddenly rise from his chair and dance around the room."

71. {Masque World} "In these days when any man can comfortably dance naked in a snow storm..."

72. {
The Worshippers and the Way
} As part of his final test to become a Nexus Starship Officer, cadet Asodo Hatch must defeat a far superior strategist and commander in an Illusion Tank battle. Both men are in command of Mega Command Cruisers, starships with enough fire power to take out whole planets, with crews of hundreds.
Knowing he cannot defeat his opponent in a conventional starship battle, Asodo cloaks the ship, orders his entire crew to go EVA, abandoning ship, floating silently through space undetected by the other Cruiser and undertake a boarding action. The assault partially depressurises the other ship, and Asado and his men fight through the corridors, slaughtering the unprepared opposing crew with the ceremonial swords that form part of their uniform and taking command of the enemy Cruiser. Asodo himself beheads the opposing commander. 

 73. {The Day the Icicle Works Closed} where planetary colonists "loan" their bodies to off-world day-trippers (kinda like virtual reality visors, only not virtual) while their minds power robots who do menial labor....or so they think!

74. {Soylent green} "Soylent Green is people!"

75. {Mathenauts-‘Convergent Series’, Rudy Rucker} Protagonist paints the pentagram on the time-frozen demon’s belly. When time starts again, the demon re-enters our dimension only to find the pentagram has moved – it is on his belly. Each time the demon tries to re-enter it gets smaller and smaller in the limit.

76. Gill 'the Arm' Hamilton.

77. {Serenity-film}, when Serenity flies through the cloud towards the Alliance Fleet … followed by the Reaver Fleet. “Somebody shoot something!” The subsequent space battle and Wash’s flying “I am a leaf on the wind.”

78. {Blake's 7: Cygnus Alpha} Vila: "The Architectual Style is early Maniac." Arko: "We need food and shelter." Vila: "I know! But do we need them that badly?"

79. {Blake's 7: City on the edge of Forever}
Baban: "Baban."
Vila: Still doesnt recognise him.
Baban: "Baban the Beserker."
Vila: still no clue...
Baban: "Baban the Butcher."
Vila: "Oh no. You're Baban the Butcher."
Baban: Smiles that he has been suitably recognised by the man now cowering in fear in front of him.

80. {Blake's 7: Blake} Avon shoots Blake.

81. {Crusade} A misinformed and misled alien culture tries to bring down the holy inquisition on Terra. Contains lots of awesome ideas. Of course, the best moment is when the reader realizes that the holy inquisition is carried out by aliens.

82. {Antares Series} Imagine mankind encounters an hostile xenophobic alien race. One of the best moments is when even the hardcore 'we-can-all-live-in-peace-if-we-just-try' realize that this is the ultimate them-or-us conflict.

83. {The Cold Equations} A heart breaking short story that, unlike most other Godwin stories, has no happy end.

84. {Skylark of SpaceDick Seaton staring out of his shattered lab window as his analysis equipment flies off in a perfectly straight line.

85. {The Fifth Element.} The “negotiation” scene.

86. Forty Two

87. The Fuzzy's are declared Sapient.

88. The inhabitants of the moon slam a large rock into the earth, thus bringing about a successful end to their revolution.

89. A river of dragons save F'Nor and Canth as they plummet towards the ground.

90. {New Battlestar Galactica series} The Galactica jumps into New Caprica's atmosphere; launches it's attack vipers; then jumps out again before smacking into the ground.

91. The Litany Against Fear

92. Sandworms!

93. {Semper Mars} The panicked French Troops surrendered bc the foam looked like acid trying to eat through their suits since Co2 behaves quite differently in a Low Pressure enviroment.

94. {Total recall} Give them the Air Cohaagen, give them the Air.

95. {Planet of the Apes} They finally did it!

96. {New Battlestar Galactica} Adama: Sometimes you have to Roll the Hard Six.

97. {Terminator 2} The fight between the two terminators in the service corridor of the mall.

98. {Space: Above and Beyond-The Angriest Angel} 
The fighter duel between Col. McQueen & Chigie Von Richthausen.

99. {Stargate Atlantis} McKay goes to a scientific symposium, and after the keynote speaker activates a subspace bridge that sucks heat from our space-time, McKay enlists the help of Bill Nye to collapse the bridge, and saves Dr. Keller from being frozen to death.

100. {Watchmen-graphic novel} Adrian's deadpanned response to Dan's query: "I'm not a Republic serial villain. I did it thirty-five minutes ago."

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