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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Dungeon Mastery: The First Ones

Gods, Immortals, Demons. These are basicaly folks who did stuff and are remembered for it by the generations who followed. Forward a few centuries or thousands of years and huzzah! Targ the Warrior who speared him a Bear when he was only three is havin a Temple built to celebrate him in all his awesomeness. Dont matter that Targ told that tale to a bard while he was drunk. Fact is Gods, Immortals, Demons... have been us at our worst.
So rather than start your D&D campaign out with gods, start with PCs who will become those Gods. 
The one who takes the most lives gets to be remembered for it. Targ the warrior kills the mountain lion, he gets a pelt impaled on spears as his symbol. Suddenly Targ has a portfolio of Hunting, War and Death. Hunting gets forgotten by future generations and Targ is god of death and war.

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