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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Short fiction: Middennact


Arm Bus with the flip of a switch. “Armed!”
“Deploy! Deploy! Deploy!” Koenig triggered the firing mechanism a few meters above the surface of the English Channel.
“Deployed!” The Fockker Arkw made the five gee turn and accelerated through the speed of sound.
Ensign Frank Whistler could only watch as the small rocket launched from the strange circular boat that skimmed across the waves toward the fleet of Invaders and was struck with a sense of awe as a single rocket launched in a low arc from a battery somewhere behind its pilot cockpit and impacted into the side of his Cruiser.
A flash of intense light seemed to come from somewhere behind Koenig off the coast of Normandy. He could only guess that the fleet of landing craft had been devoured by nuclear fire, their invasion dead and dying in the shadow of a mushroom cloud just short of the Beachhead.
The Shockwave caught him like a tidal wave of thunder and there was darkness.
Albert Nacht signed his name to the blueprint. The remote control boat was his best work. Sure the boat was one to ten in scale, but a remote control motorboat. That was something he could become famous for. Something he could build in his private hours in his dormitory room.
He considered the circular shape. It was the right shape; A discus that would skip across the surface of the water.
Professor Eigen looked over his shoulder at the unusual design.
“So this is your remote control boat?” Albert nodded at Professor’s the query.
“Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.” Professor Eigen patted him on the shoulder and moved amongst his other students. They were working on buildings, Automobiles, airplanes and Boats. The designs seemed all to be similar to those that were out there in the real world. Many of them would find quite adequate positions with Benz and Fokker as engineers and draughtsmen. Even Hess’s Steam Tractor that burned Wood in a boiler for farmers without petroleum – As if there would ever be a time when we would run out of petroleum. Eiden shook his head. - would get him an excellent position with one of the Farm equipment manufacturers. Nacht on the other hand had a unique gift for blending several disciplines.
The Class end was marked by a distant clock bell. It was three.
“All right, I assume you are finishing up.” There seemed to be a groan from some of the slower students.
“I am very happy to say that your work has been exemplary and you will all get letters of recommendation.” He smiled.
“Final designs on my desk by five p.m. this evening.” Albert Nacht released the screw clamps holding his drawing to the drafting board. He retrieved the Storage sleeve from the foot of his drafting board.
The paper rolled gently into a fit and slid down into the cylinder.
Nacht followed some of the students toward the Professor’s office with their final submissions.
Eigen was handing out small envelopes containing letters of recommendation as each came in and submitted their final draughts.
“Albert Nacht. I’m sorry I couldn’t recommend you to Fokker along with Kurt Schmitt; mainly because I have something better in mind for you.” Nacht didn’t display any emotion over the loss of the Fokker recommendation but this went unnoticed by Professor Eigen who took a moment to wipe his glasses with a fine cloth.
“Your abilities in Physics and mathematics have been exemplary. Professor Wagner has informed me that you have the makings of a first class Physicist; As far as I am concerned you have all the makings of an engineer; Germany needs both.” Eigen waved the young man into a seat.
“The Air Ministry has a small detachment of scientists and engineers who do work on various top secret projects. I am recommending you.” Professor Eigen pulled an envelope from his desk drawer and placed it on the desk in front of Albert who was now burning a hole in the table with his mind.
“As you will be employed in this department, you will not be able to return to the University; rather you will complete your degree in Engineering Sciences within the Air Ministry under several of the most gifted Engineers and Scientists Germany has to offer.” Professor Eigen handed him a collection of transfer documents that he would have to sign and submit through the Air Ministry.
Albert Nacht struggled to his feet and offered the Professor a hand to shake.
“Thank you professor for this Opportunity;” His voice seemed to carry a feeling of sadness. He felt like he had been expelled from the University.
Some more students shuffled into the Professor’s office with their submissions pushing past the despondent Albert Nacht.
The War ministry didn’t design aircraft; that was Fokker. The War Ministry designed bombs.
Albert Nacht stepped down from the Taxi. The War ministry was an imposing building that seemed overrunning with soldiers. For a seventeen year old who wanted nothing to do with a military life, it was all the more distant.
Albert struggled up the stairs and into the crowded hall. Even the Secretary in reception wore a rank.
Albert shuffled forward and handed him the letter of recommendation. There were a few eyes on him as he waited for the Receptionist’s reply.
The Receptionist, done examining the letter, departed his post to have a word with a superior. The Staff Sergeant examined the letter and looked at Albert with surprise at his young age. He picked up a phone and spoke into it before returning the receiver to its place.
Sergeant Biel Garden walked toward the young man.
“If you will follow me,” Albert dropped and then bent to gather his spilled his documents. The Sergeant had turned to lead him past the many uniformed personnel who seemed no longer interested in his presence d

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