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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Short Fiction: Fire, to destroy all you've done

Title: Fire, to destroy all you've done

"The Reichmarshal is expected in three hours for the demonstration and that..." Vosk crushed his gloves in his right hand and pointed at the colossal generator occupying the cavern, "...needs to be operational in ten minutes."
"I assure you Commander," Professor Bern cleared his throat. "the n-space generator is ready."
"Bring it online then Professor." Vosk twirled his glove occupied hand in a circular motion indicative of a generator that made physical rotation causing Professor Bern to wince at the man's ignorance. The n-space generator lacked any moving parts. "I want to test it before we demonstrate it to the Reichmarshal."
"Of course." Professor Bern signalled the Technician to turn the key before focusing his attention on Commander Vosk. "The capacitors are charging."
The air in the cavern became the colour of television tuned to a dead channel.
"As you can see," Professor Bern pointed at the centre of it. "the n-space generator is functioning perfectly."
"What of the previous problem?" Vosk could see a bubble of gold growing mid cavern.
"Solved by a filter replacement." Professor Bern pointed at the Gold bubble. "And before you ask No thats not gold."
"I know its not gold Professor Bern," The bubble of gold continued to swell. "I read the research."
"In that case...yes," Bern smiled. Vosk was a rare jewel amongst the leadership. "that is the n-space boundary."
"And beyond it is," Vosk could almost feel the presence of the Fuhrer who was waiting on the otherside for the n-space boundary to reach the volume of the chamber in an almost identical cavern beneath the Berlin. Vosk could feel the weight of the promotion pinned to his uniform. "the second facility beneath Berlin."
A bell rang alerting those in the chamber that the second facility was online.
"We can build these n-space generators anywhere," Vosk was excited at the prospect of instantaneous travel. "and simply step through."
A surge in the electrical bus and molten gold poured from the bubble splashing the floor of the cave.
"Professor?" Vosk turned to look at Professor Bern whose face had become ashen. "Is there going to be a problem?"
"Berlin has just been destroyed," Professor Bern was physically shaking. "The n-space boundary will reach us shortly."
"What do you mean?" The bubble had stabilized. "The boundary looks stable."
"The fluctuation in the power grid was the other facility failing." Professor Bern was terrified. "The n-space boundary is now expanding uncontrolled."
"How long?" Vosk stared at the perfectly stable n-space boundary in front of him. "How much time do we have Professor?"
"Minutes." The Professor was breaking down emotionally. "The Universe is collapsing to n-space."
"So it will not go further than this boundary?"
Vosk formed an idea walking forward. "Where does that lead?"
"Without a second facility?" Professor Bern understood where Vosk was going. "Anywhere."
"Anywhere?" Vosk moved toward the bubble of gold to get a closer look before looking back at the Professor. "Then we go where we can."
"With haste Professor," Vosk turned his attention to the n-space boundary in front of him.
"The end of the Universe waits for no Aryan." Vosk stepped through the n-space boundary.

The Universe was bright light. An infinite sea of aromas that Vosk was sure was the outdoors. The light faded from white revealing an ancient forest.
"Professor?" Anywhere now looked a lot like somewhere. Shadows gathered and stirred. They were Men wearing animal hides for clothing and armed with wooden spears. Spears now pointed at Vosk.
"Gun-sar will decide your fate." They spoke something akin to early German. 'Gun-sar' was a name. 'Gun-sar will decide?' The warrior indicated a direction of travel with the motioning of his spear. "Move."

"I am Gun-sar. I rule by right of challenge."
Gun-sar looked at one of his warriors. "What's the tally of challenges?" Vosk considered the value of the warriors surounding him. They smelled of dung, urine, sweat, and blood.
"Twenty five dead and one missing. " The warrior who spoke was closest to his chief.
"Oh come on Ka-to, Ba-tu fell backward off the cliff. " Vosk needed them to build his empire.
"Yes..." This one would serve as a lieutenant.
"So he's dead. You can't say Ba-tu is missing when he has fallen into a bottomless gorge. "
"No..." but the chief, "So its twenty six dead."
Vosk pulled the Lugher, fired with considerable accuracy and brought Gun-sar's reign to an end.
"I am Vosk," Vosk pointed his gun at Ka-to, "and this is my boom-stick."
"Now," Vosk pulled Gun-sar's corpse from the throne, sat down on the throne and looked at Ka-to.
"Where exactly is this village?" A warrior leaped forward in attack. Vosk met the challenge with another round from his lugher dropping the nameless corpse on that of Gun-sar.
"Are there any further challenges today?" Vosk looked about expectantly. "No?"
"You four dispose of these two." Vosk pointed about before turning his gaze on Ka-to. "How far are we from Berlin?"
"Ber?" Ka-to seemed wary of the new tyrant as he watched the newest corpse dragged from the hall.
"Ber-lin." Perhaps some other nest of civilization. "How far are we from Rome?"
"Rome?" Ka-to was confused by the word. It was unfamiliar. "Sel-ka. This is Sel-ka."
"Sel-ka." Vosk nodded his head. "Great. Just great." Vosk contemplated the world. No Berlin. No Rome. There was only one thing for it. "No more Sel-ka." Decisive leadership was needed. "This is now Ber-lin."

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