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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Linguistic Archaeology: Religion in Japan

The words for Religion and Religious Factions are built from three phonetics.

  • Shu
  • Kyo
  • Ha
The shu phonetic appears in the words for monastary, archive, and capital city implying a monastic authority that has established monastaries and the capital city.

The Kyo phonetic appears in the word for arena implying a martial art. It also appears in the words for world-jungle, frontier, canyon. So martial arts begins life in a canyon off in the world-jungle of south-east asia on the frontier of civilization.

The Ha phonetic appears in the words for pillar and tomb. Basically islam has reached Civilization. Hadj in far off Mecca with the pillar and tomb.

Kyo emerges from the jungle and enters the monastary system giving rise to martial arts dedicated monastaries. Shukyo becomes the primary religion. Kyo is now a faction. With the arrival of Islam it infiltrates the monastaries evolving into a new cult (shuhu). Islam infiltrates the martial arts faction kyo forming a new faction (kyoha). Ha and Shu become individually extinct.

The influence of Islam on eastern civilization could mean the expulsion of women from martial arts schools and religious monastaries. The emergence of a new religious cult and a new martial art.


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