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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Campfire Tales: A Shared Meal

A Shared Meal
A dwarf named Yob camped in the wild with his fellow adventurers. They caught a fat boar and cooked it over a fire and Yob spilled fat in his beard and went to bed unclean. On the first night something small bit Yob on the toe while he slept and he woke in the middle of the night. He was unable to see what had bit him but it had drawn blood. He got very little sleep that night and was weary all the next day. In the evening the companions caught wild hens and Yob again spilled meat in his beard before going to sleep. On the second night while Yob Slept something bit him on the tip of his index finger again drawing blood and rousing him from sleep. Irritated at the pain he was unable to sleep the rest of the night. The day gave Yob no rest. Weary and tired Yob fell asleep that evening missing the meal all together. That night a dozen small things came in the night and finding no food in Yob's beard, each bit Yob for one point of damage until he bled to death.

DM Briefing: This is a cautionary tale about camp hygiene when outdoors. Leaving food out can attract scavengers and predators.

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