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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Creature Catalogue: Men-rei-ki

AC: -2
HD: 8*
MV: as wearer
AT: touch
DA: as mask
SA: F8
NA: 1 (1-12)
ML: as mask personality
TT: as wearer
AL: Chaotic
XP: 1200

Men-rei-ki are personalities of a would-be immortal looking to purge itself of all emotions and contemplate immortality from a purely logical perspective. It trapped its emotions and personality in mortal form. The masks posesses the wearer.

Hunger: 10, attacks others out of Ravenous Hunger biting for 1d6.
Fear: 1, paralyzed with fear for one turn
Despair: 3, catatonic for one turn
Hate: 11, attack others as berserker for one turn
Love: 4, distracted for one turn
Lust: 7, distracted for one turn
Joy: 5, distracted for one turn
Pleasure: 6, Distracted for one turn
Suffering: 2, 1hp/round
Inquisitivness: 12, Death
Greed: 8, wisdom reduced to three when confronted with gold
Jealousy: 9, alignment shift to chaos.

Destroying a mask is impossible. It regenerates after twenty four hours even if disintegrated.

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