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Sunday, 9 October 2016

B/X Dungeon Building: The Caves of Ominous Sufferance

Building a dungeon adventure requires that you pick a scenario and a setting.

1 - explore unknown
2 - investigaye chaotic outpost
3 - recover ruins
4 - destroy ancient evil
5 - visit a lost shrine
6 - fulfill a quest
7 - escape from enemies
8 - rescue prisoners
9 - use a magic portal
10 - find a lost race

1 - castle or tower
2 - caves or cavern
3 - abandoned mine
4 - crypt or tomb
5 - ancient temple
6 - stronghold or town

Ex. Our adventure is to Fulfill a quest (6) by fetching some object from some caves (2).

Specifics: The local wizard's previous apprentice perished in the caves. You need to fetch his remains. The caves are occupied by stirge (1-10) and giant geckos (1-3) which are wanering monsters.

Caves 1,3,4: trapped with pendulum blades (1d8).
Caves 2, 9: flying daggers attack when pcs enter.
Caves 6, 10: empty caves.
caves 7, 8: each is guarded by a living statue.
Cave 5, a concealed chute drops the pc down a slide into cave 9.

Treasure: the flying daggers are cursed magic daggers -1 and the pendulums are battle axes on ropes. The apprentice's remains have a scroll-levitate, and 5gp in a pouch.

So that should give you an adventure.

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