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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hidden Temple: When Adventures Go Bad

Legends of the Hidden Temple was a Nickelodeon game show obstacle course for kids. Basically they spoke to the talking stone head who tells them stuff, they then get quizzed on what they were told on the temple stairs for the right to retrieve (via an obstacle course) some single-use holy symbols that will protect them from the zombie guards within the temple of the monkey god while they search for the three parts (4 counting a rod spine up the centre) to the silver monkey statue.
They have three minutes to search a three floor inner sanctum (thats 18 d&d rounds) and assemble the statue while being accosted by zombie guardians (if you dont have a holy symbol you die). The statistics were horrible. The Success rate is four percent. Primarily this was to do with the design of the structure being for larger adult sized players not little children. So silver statue parts were atop shelves out of eye level perspective...and the only position to view them from was from the top of the rope from the entry hole in the ceiling or the top of the stairs.

Learning from LotHT
Adventurers should find adventures almost impossible to suceed at. A 4% chance of success shouldnt be unreasonable. Dont be afraid to feed your adventurers to the zombies.

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