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Monday, 16 May 2016

Tip of the sword: what is going to happen in Game of Thrones?

First off, have not read the books. Havnt seen season six and dont want to spoil DVD night for when I watch it in 2017. Lets talk forward projections.

The Ten things I want to See in future Game of Thrones
1. Tyrion fly a Dragon to Kings Landing, smash through the glass window of the throne room, cook everyone, and carry off the Iron Throne to Mereen as a present to his Queen.

2. Exploration of Valyria. With Jorra infected he should have no fear of exploring the ancient ruins and come out with enough valyrian steel to buy the debt of the seven kingdoms.

3. I want to see Jon Snow, Jamie Lannister, Jorran Mormont, and Tyrion Lannister go all 'dragonlance' knight on the back of a dragon.

4. Cersei is going to do a lot of 'two thumbs down' voting in Kings Landing. I assume that giant in the armour is going to go all 'game of thrones' (its a thing) on the clergy and peasants in the street...specially the one who spat on cersei.

5. I assume the wildling who had sex with greyjoy (before the most hated actor in the world cut off his man-bits) will show up with an heir to the iron islands.

6. when the white walkers reach the wall we need to find that the wall is thousands of years of millions of dead frozen in the ice wall. So some idiot like Alister will be up the top saying 'what can they do from down there' when corpses errupt from beneath him.

7. Dragon Glass. Tyrion will spearhead the mass production of dragonglass weapons and flood the seven kingdoms with them.

8. I want to see that little princess of Barathyon crawl out of the bloody ashes of her bonfire like a certain queen of dragons and preferably not as part of the undead army.

9. Sam Makes Gillyflower Queen of Kings Landing. And her Queen's Guard, the Giant Lady Knight agrees. First Royal Decree... rooftop flower gardens in the old city so the city develops a certain pleasant odour. Gillyflower polen will cure the stone disease...good news for Jorran Mormont. And then Sansa Stark shows up and says some mean things...

10. Gendry shows up with the rowboat at the very end of the Series and offer Arya Stark a lift. Gendry and Arya row off together happily ever after.

So...there are my ten GoT events that need to happen. There is an Eleventh:

11. That whole 'we all live in the eye of a Giant named Macumber'...should turn out to be some sort of scifi world-ship...travelling the stars...and everyone is in a virtual reality game...just to screw with the readers.

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