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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Golden Age: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

 I will tell you that Hayao Miyazaki created something wonderous and dark. It will suck the joy from you and leave you with no illusions.
 You might have seen the film...that covers about 1&1/2 graphic novels.
    beyond this line be horrors   

They are worth the read. The seven cost me twenty five dollars each and that was twenty years ago. They are a significant investment of funds you might prefer to spend on a sack of rice and roast vegetables. Go. Go feed your family and dare not venture beyond the edge of your valley. There is nothing there you want. Go back now.

Update: Would this War Story and Scifi make an excellent TV series like Game of Thrones? Yes. Though there is no sex and lots of violence. There are two major female characters.

  • Princess Nausicca
  • Princess Kushana
Male characters are secondary characters:
  • Kurosawa (Kushana's Aide) is that Peasant risen through the ranks until he is sent to Kushana as her Aide (the previous dying regularly) who ultimately finds he cannot escape the two Princesses in his life.
  • Yupa is a master swordsman and advisor to Nausicaa (and others). He sacrifices everything for peace.
  • Mito is a gunship pilot from the valley of the wind following Nausicaa into war.
  • Others.

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