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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Night Terrors: The Strain is a Bad case of Worms

Watched the first episode of the Strain. Far from being a Vampire series its more about a Primordial Fae-Wraith/Banshee/Parasite-mother that feeds on blood. Spreads baby parasites that create a blood sucking Ghoul from a host. 
Its dependancy on a box of soil may have more to do with nesting conditions and soil fungi - tying it to the concept of the Faerie mushroom Ring.
Its top speed caused it to be visible on a single camera image frame in a distance of fifty feet so its incredibly fast. It can also lift a ton without effort and the only reason it was caught on camera was because the ton it lifted slowed it down. 
A protagonist in the episode is collecting Silver so it may be vulnerable to Silver weapons.

HD: 8* (L)
AC: -2
MV: 12,000' (4,000')
AT: 2 Claws, Feeding Probiscus, Aura
DA: Restrain Victim / 8d8 per round/ special
NA: 1(Unique) + wight-worms
SA: Elf (L8)
ML: 12 (predicting: 6 if injured with silver, 2 when exposed to sunlight)
INT: 12
TT: none
XP: 10,000
Description: eight feet tall 'cloak' that conceals a mother-parasite. It will be tied to its soil nesting site though it has intelligence enough to carry the soil in a coffin or other large container and has incredible physical strength (lift up to a ton). It's presence whispers in the mind of prey requiring a charisma check to resist being lured away to it's chosen feeding site. Vulnerable to silver weapons only. Ancestor to Sidhe and Banshee. Must feed on blood to survive.

Wight-worms (HD 1 1hp, AC3, MV 3'(1'), AT Burrow/infest, DA special, NA 1d10, SA elf (L1), ML 12, INT 1, TT as host, xp 6, spawned from it will search for a host,  creating a Ge-hul in 10 Turns. The wight-worm becomes a new body organ that alters the host.

Ge-hul Template
AC 3
MV +30'(+10)
AT: bite
DA: life drain, infestation
ML: 12 (2 sunlight)
INT: 1/2

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