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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Creature Catalogue: D is for...

Armour Class: -1
Hit Dice: 1hp
Move: 3’ (1’)
Attacks:  Acid
Damage: See Description
No. Appearing:  River Swarm (10d100)/Lake Nest (1d100 per square ft)
Save As: Normal Human Morale:  12
Alignment:  Neutral
Intelligence: 1
Treasure Type:  Nil
XP Value:  6
Description:  This microscopic little bugger lives in some lakes and waterways and will swim up the nose into the brain un-noticed where it will slowly eat the brain. Victims loose one point of intelligence (01-76), Wisdom (77-90) or Charisma (91-100) every week until death (one stat is reduced to zero). Only a wish or regenerate spell can cure the damage. Only a Wish can remove the creature from a victim.

Armour Class: 4
Hit Dice: As height of host tree (in feet)
Move: 2’ x height of host tree (in feet)
Attacks:  1-4 Strangling Roots
Damage: as height of host
No. Appearing:  1 (100-1000)
Save As: Fighter Level as height of tree (in feet)
Morale:  12
Alignment:  Neutral
Intelligence: 1
Treasure Type:  Nil
XP Value:  Varies
Description:  This looks like a dead tree with some sort of large black growths all over it. The Fungi animates the old tree causing it to move about on its roots and attack animals and other living creatures in an attempt to drink them for nutrients needed to maintain the fungi and its host tree. There are rumours of a wandering wood of dead trees that descends on rural farms and consumes the stock and farmers before
moving on. Legend has it the Bough of Deadwood is looking for revenge.

Armour Class: 7
Hit Dice: 4
Move: 20' (8')
Attacks:  2 Tentacles/ 1 Bite
Damage: Grapple / 1d6+special
No. Appearing:  1
Save As: Fighter L3
Morale:  12
Alignment:  Neutral
Intelligence: 1
Treasure Type:  Nil
XP Value:  7
Description:  Also known as the Cave Kraken, these large fungi come with heavy root like appendages extending from the trunk of the plant. Any foe entering within ten feet of the plant will be grappled by two of the tentacles (or one tentacle each if two or more foes can be attacked at once). A beak exists under the cluster of limbs which when a grapple is successful (any successful hit roll against the target) the Death-kap will bite – infecting the victim (save vs. poison) with spore that will germinate in 7-10 days as a new Death-kap (killing the victim). Colossal Death-kap: These are known to exist in fungi forests in huge numbers and are often mistaken for trees though their prey is more on the scale of giants and dragons.

Armour Class: 7/5
Hit Dice: 2+2/1+1
Move: 180’(60’)/150’(50’)
Attacks:  1 Bite
Damage: 1d6/1d8
No. Appearing:  3-18 Males/1 Female
Save As: Fighter L1
Morale:  8
Alignment:  Neutral
Intelligence: 2
Treasure Type:  Nil
XP Value:  25/15
Description:  This beast has no eyes and hunts exclusively by scent. The Males are twice the size of the female having utterly black fur – making them invisible in shadow or darkness giving it surprise in such environments. The only scent over powering enough to lure them away from a meal is the scent of the hairless albino female. The Female on the other hand is a hairless, albino, and half the size, giving off a scent through physical contact that will attract the larger and aggressive males driving them to kill any perceived ‘rival’ that has been exposed through the slightest contact.

Armour Class: 8
Hit Dice: 2*
Move: 20' (7')
Attacks:  1-4 Tentacles
Damage: Paralysis
No. Appearing:  1 (1-4)
Save As: Fighter: L2
Morale:  12
Alignment:  Neutral Intelligence: 2
Treasure Type:  A
XP Value:  25
Description:  Often encountered as a large Mushroom atop. Often encountered as a large mushroom atop a pile of dead and rotten things they will attack with their tentacles, paralyse a target, and wait on the corpse until the corpse rots into nutrients. When a Devourer leaves a Fungi Mound it is to seek a new food leaving behind a spore bed from which new offspring will germinate.
Armour Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1*
Move: 15' (5')
Attacks:  See description
Damage: 1d6/round
No. Appearing:  1
Save As: Fighter: L1
Morale:  12
Alignment:  Neutral
Intelligence: 1
Treasure Type:  As Victim
XP Value:  13
Description:  The Spores of these fungi are breathed in. It will then grow in the
lungs until it can dig its way out in to the chest cavity and grab the heart which it will crush – feeding on the blood like a sponge - until the victim is dead. It will then rip its way out of the chest and find some place to plant itself until it goes to spore.

Armour Class: 5
Hit Dice: 1*
Move: 15’(5’)
Attacks:  Acid
Damage: 1d6
No. Appearing:  1d10 (1)
Save As: Fighter:L1
Morale:  12
Alignment:  Neutral
Intelligence: 1
Treasure Type:  Nil
XP Value:  6
Description:  These acid coated, thick skinned creatures live in wet dark places such as ducts, drains, sewers, Caves. Black-water is of particular interest because it is where they can multiply.
Armour Class: 3
Hit Dice: 3 (L)
Move: 30’ (10’)
Attacks:  1 Weapon
Damage: As Weapon +2
No. Appearing:  0 (4d6)
Save As: Dwarf: L3
Morale:  10
Alignment:  Chaotic or Neutral
Intelligence: 12
Treasure Type:  (Q+S) G
XP Value:  35
Description:  This sub-species is also known as the Dire Dwarf. It is a vicious man-eater that is larger (eight foot tall) and more intelligent than the regular dwarf. Consequently it indulges in a passion for technology mixed with torture.

Hit Dice: 5* (50hp)
Armour Class: 5
Move: 30' (10')
Attacks: mind control
Damage: Special
Number Appearing: 1 (unique)
Save As: Magicuser (L5)
Morale: 12
Alignment: Neutral
Intelligence: 13
Experience: 500

It is a tiny creature with opaque eyes on stalks and lots of little legs to scutter about on. When its eyes glow necrotic purple the devourer controls minds. Victims must undertake a charisma check to resist domination.

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