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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Kingdom of Karameikos: The Estat di Sulescu

 The most recent erection of the Sulescu Manor has reduced the dwelling to a few rooms occupied by Lord Zemiros Sulescu and his wayward sister Mirsa. The upper levels inaccessible by anything other than a hole in the ceiling of the central gallery by which both residents utilize levitation rings.

The cellars are from the previous structure laid bare by an attack by dwarves.

Sulescu is a major exporter of Garlic.
Each year an acre of garlic is produced. Garlic can be purchased in Specularum (Mirros) for 5gp per 1cn bulb.

Estate (25%): 1,000lb
Salt Tax (10%): 400lb
Church Tithe (17%): 680lb
Village Share (48%): 1,920lb

Garlic@Sulescu: 200gp per 40lb sack (10% market value).

Adventure Scenario
1. Lord Sulescu's Taxes
The adventurers are hired by Lord Sulescu to escort a cart of ten sacks of garlic (20,000gp market value) to King Stephan Karmeikos in Specularuam.

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