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Friday, 27 May 2016

Art Folio: A Halfling named Dav

Here is a nice bw portrait of Trampier's Halfling found in D&D expert manual (b/x). Mine looks a bit older and a nice scar adds something to his experiences.

 A bit of adjustment in the photo app gets us a halfling who is far more necrotic and bruised...and this provides a color palate we can go back to my black n white pen image with in ms paint.

And there we have our halfling in colour.

Dav T'rnip: Halfling; Level 2; 12hp; Lawful; AC6; Str (16), Int (11), Wis (8), Dex (18), Con (14), Cha (13); Shortsword+1, plain clothes, boots, belt, pouch, 20gp
Background: A Halfling Adventurer late of the Five Shires. The Scar he got the same time his human friend died defending Wereskalot from Human Raiders out of Fort Doom.

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