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Monday, 9 May 2016

Information theory: aliens know...

 You likely enjoyed the previous blog post on information theory and that whole accuracy of information the villagers of such and such have about what goes on in the capital city of some place...but lets give this some scifi relevence. If we truly reside on an information mesh then we must assume that mesh extends beyond our ball of planety stuff (lets call it stuff we found in our naval). Our glorious capital city of earth with seven billion people can be discerned to exist (100%) by any species with sufficient technological capacity determined by this variation our little formula:


The distance we can be identified as 100% being 'here' is 90.8 light years. How significant is this? There are estimated to be 448 G-type (yellow-orange) stars within a 50-100 light year range and 512 such stars at a 100 ly limit.

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