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Monday, 18 April 2016

Super Awesome: Origin of Your Superhero

D20 - Origin
01 - Chemical Spill
02 - Almost Lethal Radiation
03 - Lightning
04 - Insect Bite
05 - Cybernetics
06 - Super Serum
07 - Overcompensation for a Disability
08 - Is an Alien
09 - Cool Supersuit
10 - Genetic Affinity
11 - Dormant Ability
12 - Extreme Training
13 - Is a Focal Point of events
14 - Life is threatened
15 - Puberty
16 - Magic
17 - Green Rocks
18 - Nanomachines
19 - Genetic Engineering
20 - Blood Transfusion

So lets look at an Idea: A Gamma Ray Burst from the Crater Two Galaxy (it orbits our galaxy) triggers powers in a bunch of people. This event can alter chemicals, cause the cave crystals to become glowing green rocks, alter Vaccine PX-1274A into a Super Serum, turn an electrical storm into Yellow Lightning, alter a Torch Battery into a Terrawatt power source, trigger mutations in a Bee sting, or turn preteen thyroids into a source of SuperAdrenalin, rip a hole in spacetime dumping aliens  on earth or mutate bioneural circuits in a Toy Robot causing it to become alive.

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