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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Starwars: some prep work...

A hundred years from now starwars will be public domain (yay!). So lets get it down while we can.

The Force Awakens replacement script scenario: The rebellion is imploding as the remnants of the empire fight it out with multiple rebel factions. And from beyond the edge of space comes a new superpower looking to pick up the imperial territories by providing the remnant empire with a new super weapon and some needed leadership. But its a conspiracy to further depleat the imperial and rebel forces leaving them defenseless before the enemy.


John Boyega's stormtrooper behaves like a fanboy fell through a rip in the screen at comicon. His character lacks actual discipline and restraint of a human being and behaves more like the guy in the crowd cheering the rape of my childhood. Raised from birth to be a stormtrooper? No.

Daisy Ridley's scavenger living on Jakku since abandonment in childhood? No. The hardships and damage of a lifetime of environmental exposure in a bad environment where the reactors of the wrecked star destroyers are spilling radiation and toxins into the Anyone with a point of IQ can smell the body soap on her through the screen.

Guy in the stupid not the Naked Jawa running the Bar. That dick who kills Han thats Han and Leia's son? So did Uncle Skywalker touch him in his special place (his brain. With a brick) and turn him stupid?

As a fan film made a hundred years from now in a Publc Domain future where they found some geriatric actors frozen in squandered everything.

So lets change a few things:

Finn is the son of Leia and Lando....and has run off to join the Empire because...

Ridley is Princess of Jakku...and slips out of the nice palace in her personal tie fighter to go hunting.

Han has gone his seperate ways and is Salvaging parts from star Destroyers on Jakku when Pilot/rich girl Daisy crashes her personal tie fighter into the Millenium Falcon during a 'royal hunt' on Jakku.

A bounty hunter (Bosk would have done it) shows up to capture Han Solo. Daisy, finding herself thinking the bounty hunter is here to take her back to her wedding takes Han hostage and retreats into the wreck of a star destroyer. Daisy finds an imperial escape shuttle in a bay concealed near the rear engines and flies off with Han leaving Chewbacca to be captured by Bosk as he pulls himself from a wrecked Millenium Falcon.

Finn rescues chewbacca from the imperial interrogators escaping in a shuttle. Finn leads him to one of the empires dirty little secrets: a star destroyer infested with tentacled horrors and left abandoned in space. Chewbacca. They fly it back to Jakku and entering the atmosphere hover over the Jakku Royal Palace demanding Han's return. They overthrow the pro imperial government by dumping tentacled monsters on them.

Daisy has taken Han Solo into Imperial Territory (The Jakku Sovereignty are allied with the empire - not the rebellion).

Chewbacca and Finn under serious attack by Jakku Imperial Forces jump to hyperspace inside the planet atmosphere. The lightspeed acceleration attracts atmosphere, sand, everything...creating a pillar of frozen sand and atmosphere out into space leaving Jakku to die. The giant Frozen spear that was Jakku's atmo/biosphere flies out into space.
Chewbacca gives the star destroyer to leia who takes it as her base of operations and is happy to see her son Finn. Finn and Chewbacca prepare to rescue Han during Leia's plan to strike at the heart of the Empire with her star destroyer...

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