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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Holmes to Mentzer: The Kobold

The Kobold changes significantly from Holmes Dungeons & Dragons to that of Mentzer Dungeons & Dragons.
While Stats remain consistent:

Stats: Holmes; Mentzer
HD: 1/2; 1/2
AC: 7; 7
MV: 120'/turn; 60'(20')
AT: 1 weapon; 1 weapon
DA: 1-4; Weapon -1; 1-4
NA: n/a; 4-16/6-60
SA: n/a; Normal Man
ML: n/a; 6(8 if chieftan lives)
TT: J; P(J)
AL: Lawful Evil; Chaotic

Other than a shift in Alignment...from 'Lawful Evil' to 'Chaotic' the most Significant is the Description.
Holmes entry: '...evil, dwarf-like creatures...'
Mentzer entry: '...small, evil dog-like men...'

The shift is significant in game terms because gnomes are also 'dwarf-like'.

Frankly kobolds are getting a raw deal from Dungeons & Dragons.

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